Palazzo Canavese, Napoleone

Nel segno di Napoleone
Under Napoleon's sign
Next edition: to be announced (biennial event, every odd year, last held in 2015)
Palazzo Canavese (Torino, Piemonte)


a suggestive experience for a weekend to relive two days of pure Napoleonic atmosphere in the early 1800s in the same territory that intensively witnessed the passage of the Napoleonic soldiers on the road leading from France across the Great St Bernard pass to Italy and the epic Battle of Marengo...

Geographical, cultural and historical context

The event takes place in Palazzo Canavese, a village located at the foot of a moraine hill known as “Serra Morenica”, near Lake Viverone, in a rural territory characterized by cultivated fields (wheat, soybeans and corn) in the plain, thick woods and vineyards along the slopes of the hills, about 60 km from Turin, in Piedmont region of Northern Italy. The village has a very ancient history and its origins are supposed to date back to the Ancient Rome Age when it was part of the way stations and inns system along the main roads and used to host vip travellers, or a castrum (the legionary fortified camp), as witnessed by several remains and archaeological findings all over the territory.

One of the main events of the local history took place in year 1800, when the French army led by the young General Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821 AD), after having occupied the Aosta Valley through the Great St Bernard pass on May 15th, and freed Ivrea on May 22th, faced several skirmishes with the Austrian-Piedmontese rearguard just in the surroundings of Palazzo Canavese. The decisive victory at the Battle of the River Chiusella on May 26 allowed the French to take full control of the Canavese territory and march on in their unstoppable advance until Napoleon’s epic victory at Marengo on June 14, 1800 AD.

Event description and programme

Every odd year in May the glory and the atmosphere of the Napoleonic Age relive through a great historical event featuring hundreds of reenactors and faithful historical camps where the audience will experience a deep insight into the daily life of the period. The rich programme includes military manoeuvres and drills, guided tours, Napoleonic and traditional music and dance shows, themed exhibitions, historical and local cuisine in the inns and taverns, crafts market, historical parades, and finally in the nearby fields and in the old town as well battle reenactments reliving the intense skirmishes between the French and the Austrian-Piedmontese troops.

"Waiting for Napoleon" is a smaller historical event which takes place every even year, without any battle reenactment, but focused on the daily life during the Napoleonic Age, and including crafts markets, guided tours at the historical camps, military manoeuvres and drills, music and dance shows, and the tasting of the typical local cuisine.

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Pro Loco Palazzo Canavese

Palazzo Canavese Town Council / Comune di Palazzo Canavese
Address: Via V. Emanuele II, 1 - 10010 Palazzo Canavese (Torino), Italy
Tel.: +39 (0)125 579021 | Fax: +39 (0)125 579039


Image: Pro Loco Palazzo Canavese
Text sources: Pro Loco Palazzo Canavese, Palazzo Canavese Town Council, Wikipedia, CanaveseLab3.0

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