Otricoli, Ocriculum AD 168

The Roman Festival in Otricoli

Ocriculum AD 168
Otricoli (Terni, Umbria region)

an exciting full immersion in history, art, cuisine and historical re-enactment in the quite evocative setting of the Ocriculum archaeological park that will bring the visitors back to the year 168 AD for a spectacular journey through time in the reign of Romann Emperor Marcus Aurelius, to relive the daily life in the flourishing river-port of the ancient Otricoli and the beauty of the charming and green Umbria region...

Geographical, cultural and historical context

The ancient town of Ocriculum, modern Otricoli, is situated atop a hill near a large bend in the Tiber River, in the province of Terni, in Umbria region. At the time of the Ancient Rome Ocriculum played a strategic and commercial role in relations between Umbria and the Sabina territory, that allowed it to develop considerably in the Imperial Age. The Flaminian Way, together with the river traffic, contributed significantly to the development of trade and the economy. Today the archaeological area of the ancient Ocriculum is one of the most important in Umbria, with its amphitheater, baths, theater, forum area and other public buildings representing the ancient Roman heritage.


Event description and programme

The yearly “Ocriculum AD 168" historical event invites the visitors to take an exciting journey along the archaeological route of the ancient city, animated by reenactors and actors. The event traditionally takes place in the period of the celebration of St Victor, the patron saint of the city, who was enlisted in the Roman army when young and sent to fight in Syria, where, professing his status as a Christian, he was condemned and martyred on May 14 in 168 AD. St Victor and St Corona, the young Christian woman sentenced to the terrible death along with him, are commemorated through “Sacra Rappresentazione”, a kind of mystery play, in which the martyrdom of two Saints is reenacted, followed by translation and landing of St Victor’s body in Ocriculum, his native city, by his comrades. During the event, the visitors can also experience the Roman camp with reconstructed military machines, gladiatorial games, various theatrical performances, as well as reconstruction of the transit on the Flaminian Way and of the rest area around the fountain, with the artisans’ shops and taberna Tiber (a single room shop within the Roman market, selling mostly food). This way the visitors will have the unique chance to learn and relive the past through this realistic representation of the Roman society, so rich and varied, so complicated and unforgettable.

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Parco Archeologico di Ocriculum
Address: via Flaminia, 69 km, 05030 Otricoli (terni), Italy
Tel.: +39 (0)744 719628, +39 3476957239
E-mail: info@ocriculum168.it
Web: http://www.ocriculumad168.it/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OcriculumAd168

Otricoli Town Council
Address: Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 11 - 05030 Otricoli (Terni), Italy
E-mail: info@comune.otricoli.tr.it
Web: www.comune.otricoli.tr.it

Image: Parco Archeologico di Ocriculum
Text: Parco Archeologico di Ocriculum, Otricoli Town Council, Wikipedia


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