Oslo, Medieval Festival

Oslo Middelalderfestival
Oslo Medieval Festival
Akershus Fortress, Oslo

An exciting and family-friendly time travel back to the period when Oslo became Norway's capital...

The Event

The Oslo Medieval Festival is held in the spectacular Akershus Fortress built in the Middle Ages to protect Oslo, the capital of Norway. The building of Akershus Castle and Fortress was commenced in 1299 under king Håkon V. The medieval castle, which was completed in the 1300s, had a strategical location at the very end of the headland, and withstood several sieges all over history. Finally King Christian IV (1588-1648) modernised and converted the castle into a Renaisssance royal residence. Today the fortress area is a popular venue for major events, including concerts, public holiday celebrations and ceremonies.

The Medieval Festival provides entertainment and education for the whole family and a unique experience of the city by its exciting and diverse medieval history, through crafts, theatre, concerts and various activities for all ages and interests. The festival boasts a genuine medieval atmosphere, with wandering jugglers, jesters, musicians and beggars, historical plays, longbow contests, concerts with medieval songs and instruments. The festival also features a large medieval market crowded with medieval knights, artisans, musicians, dancers, and many historical characters of the period, and of course visiting artisans and merchants coming from all over Europe to show their everyday activities and skills, and invite the visitors to actively join their workshops and displays. Special programs are organized for children, involving them into the mysterious and glorious world of the Middle Ages.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Location: Akershus Fortress, city of Oslo

Event organization: Stiftelsen Oslo Middelalderfestival
Tel.: +47 92612692 (Henrik Høie) | +47 45233887 (Cathrine Kleivdal)
E-mail: post@oslomiddelalderfestival.org
Web: http://www.oslomiddelalderfestival.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OsloMiddelalderfestival

Image: copyright Anne-Sophie Ofrim via Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons License CC BY-SA 3.0 NO
Text sources: Stiftelsen Oslo Middelalderfestival, Oslo Visitor centre, Wikipedia EN, Wikipedia NO

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