Nyköping, Duke Charles' Market

Duke Charles' Market at Nyköping Castle
Hertig Karls marknad på Nyköpingshus
Next edition to be announced (last edition in 2014)
Nyköping (Södermanland county)

The Event

Nyköping Castle is a 13th century medieval castle, partly in ruins, which is situated in the city of Nyköping, the capital of Södermanland County. The castle is known for the ghastly Nyköping Banquet held there in 1317, during which King Birger of Sweden captured his two brothers as a revenge for earlier sufferings and had them imprisoned without food until they starved to death. In the 16th century Nyköping became the seat of duke Charles who later became Charles IX of Sweden. With the status of a Royal residential seat, Nyköping was at its peak of development.

Each year the city invites the visitors to travel into the 16th century and visit Duke Karl's Market. During the day of the unique experience of Nyköping’s history, the public meets brave knights, skillful craftsmen and merchants, common citizens, jokers, musicians and other street performers. Also the nobles, dressed in silk and velvet, with silver and gold, appear on the market. Various animations and activities are provided for children and adults.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Association/organization name: Sörmlands Museum, Nyköping Kultur & Fritid och Landstinget Sörmland
Address: Nyköping Castle, 611 26 Nyköping, Södermanland County, Sweden
Tel.: +46 155245707, +46 722134711
E-mail: info.museet@dll.se
Web: http://www.sormlandsmuseum.se

Image and text: Sörmlands Museum


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