Nykøbing, Middle Ages Centre

Middle Ages Centre
Nykøbing Falster (Sjælland region), DENMARK


Nykøbing, often called "Nykøbing Falster" to distinguish it from the other same-name towns, lies on the island of Falster (region Sjælland), which is connected to the nearby Lolland island by the 295-meter-long Frederick IX Bridge over the Guldborg Strait (Guldborgsund). Nykøbing was originally founded around the 12th-century castle and fortifications to protect the waterway against the Western Slavs (called the "Wends" in the Middle Ages), while today it is a Danish beloved tourist destination and part of the Guldborgsund municipality.

The Middle Ages Centre, which is located about 4 km northwest of Nykøbing, is an experimental and educational living history museum where the visitors can experience the life in the Denmark from the late 14th-early 15th century. The Middle Ages Centre works as well at several extensive experimental and research projects related to the medieval technologies, such as house building, war machines, diving suit, textiles manufacturing, winter habitation experiments in medieval houses and many others. The museum, which features also reconstructed weapons, ships, clothing and even diving equipment, has achieved the fame of being the most authentic place in Europe within the medieval period, thus providing often the ideal setting for many movies, documentaries and TV-series.

Living history plays a key role in the Middle Ages Centre: not only are there professional shows with knight tournaments, but during the opening season the museum itself is populated by many volunteers in medieval dress, presenting medieval life like it could have been in year 1398. They live and work in the houses performing chores such as craftmanship, cooking and weapon training. Besides medieval reenactment groups from around the world visit the centre during the Summer season.

A museum visit starts with the entrance building. One of the rooms is decorated like a medieval tavern with 90 places. The shop is large and has plenty to choose from. Outside, there is a special corner with “experimental machines”, as well as a playground for kids, a tournament field. The reconstructed market town consists of a row of houses with mixed dwellings and workshops, merchant houses, a market place, as well as an inn and a church under construction. The houses are located along a city street that ends up in a harbour scene with ships and boats, which is the absolute top scenery of the museum. The visitors are offered various live-in activities, such as firing of the trebuchet, shooting with a bow and arrow, dressing, baking bread, the Dance Labyrinth, forging a knife, sailing the boats. There is also a playground with horse and quintane, a water pump, lifting rods, balance beams and building stones. Finally, also several historical events and re-enactments are held in the Middle Ages Centre, including knights tournaments, markets, knight shows, folk and private celebrations and feasts.


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Address: Ved Hamborgskoven 2-4, Sundby L., 4800 Nykøbing Falster, Sjælland region, Denmark
Tel.: +45 54861934 | Fax.: +45 54861834
E-mail: mc@middelaldercentret.dk
Web: http://www.middelaldercentret.dk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Middelaldercentret-Nykøbing-Falster/391810524222456

Image: Middelaldercentret Nykøbing
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