Nottingham, Robin Hood Pageant

The Robin Hood Pageant
Nottingham Castle, Nottingham (Nottinghamshire county)

Smell the woodsmoke… hear the minstrels sing as merry chords from harp and lute fill the autumnal air. Join Robin Hood and his merry men in the grounds of the Castle as it is transformed into a 12th Century medieval village and living history encampment. Meet colourful characters and enjoy period crafts, foods and entertainment. Rub shoulders with Nottingham’s most famous legend cheering him on as he competes in the arena with lance and sword. A must see for all the family...

The Event

Nottingham Castle, located in the city of Nottingham, in the East Midlands, was a major royal fortress and occasional royal residence during the Middle Ages. In the medieval legends of Robin Hood, Nottingham Castle became the scene of the final showdown between the Sheriff and the hero outlaw.

The Robin Hood Pageant is an annual event, held in the Nottingham Castle, that recreates a unique atmosphere of the past. The visitors have the opportunity to relive the life and times of the Robin Hood legend at the ancestral home of his arch enemy, the Sherriff of Nottingham. In the medieval encampment, the reenactors recreate the scenes of life and daily activities of the common people. The artisans demonstrate and explain different crafts, while jesters, wandering minstrels, storytellers and actors enthral the public by their performances. The special attention is dedicated to the archery displays and contests, recalling the legendary activity of the famous archer and his brave followers.

The Programme

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Info & Contact

Nottingham City Council, Nottingham Tourist Office
Address: Nottingham Castle, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire county, East Midlands region, England
Tel.: +44 1159153700, +44 8444775678

Nottingham Castle website

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