Norrtälje, Storholmen Viking

Vikingabyn Storholmen Norden
Storholmen Norden Viking village
Svanberga, Norrtälje (Stockholm county), SWEDEN


The Storholmen Norden Viking Village is an experimental open-air museum located in Svanberga village, along the beautiful Lake Erken, about 80km from Stockholm and 10km from Norrtälje municipality. The site is is surrounded by woods where 166 Viking Age burial mounds lie among the oak trees, At a short walking distance there are a charming 18th century inn and a nice beach. The living museum consists of a longhouse, a storage and a smithy, and is aimed to educate people with the help of living history and experimental archaeology and to carry on specific historical research.

The Storholmen Norden is run by a foundation. In 1996, two enthusiasts got the initiative to start a Viking village at the site where previously Iron and Viking Age (800-1000 AD) burial mounds were discovered. They soon started cooperation with two local association: the "Aquila Maritimus forn-och medeltidsförening" and the "Roslagens turistintressenter". Then a foundation, the "Stiftelsen Storholmen Norden", was formed, that runs the village still today. The main purpose of the Storholmen Norden is to educate people with the help of living history and experimental archaeology, offering an exciting and interactive insight into the Viking Age and the complexity of the Viking society, thus providing the visitors with a broader view of Viking Age than the one often delivered by the media. Let's not forget that the Vikings were not just warriors, more or less pirates, but first of all farmers, as well as craftsmen, merchants, and skilled seamen.

The very focus of Storholmen Norden is on the everyday life of the Vikings. The reconstructed village is peopled by living historians and interpreters, dressed in authentic period clothing, and practising the daily chores in the same way they were done 1000 years ago. While the visitors themselves are encouraged to take part in ancient handicraft and other activities first-hand, from wood carving to making silver jewellery. The sound of the village blacksmith working at his anvil rings throughout the village as he toils over creating iron goods. Beautiful glass beads are made in a clay furnace. The visitors can also experience Viking music and dance, listen to ancient sagas and stories of the old gods, sail in a large Viking ship, or test their strenght and skills in the exciting Viking games.

The open-air museum offers as well guided tours, Viking-life experiences during the summer, children viking days, and other tailored live-in initiatives for individuals and groups. Finally the Viking village is also the setting for experiments on iron melting, bronze and silver casting, building techniques, glass-bead making, fermented bred in clay oven, ceramics etc. Some crafts have been tried for years and perfected also with the help of archaeologists and scientists.

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Storholmen Vikingaby
the open-air museum is located in Svanberga, about 10 km from Norrtälje
Address: Varjagvägen 1, 76173 Norrtälje, Stockholm county, Sweden
Tel.: +46 176 55311

Norrtälje Town Council / Norrtälje kommun
Address: box 800, 761 28, Norrtälje, Stockholm county, Sweden
Tel.: +46 0176 710 00

Image: Storholmen Vikingaby
Text sources: Storholmen Vikingaby, Norrtälje Town Council, Wikipedia


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