Nîmes, Great Roman Games

The Great Roman Games in Nîmes

Les Grands Jeux Romains
The Great Roman Games
Nîmes (Languedoc-Roussillon region)

The Event

Nîmes is a popular touristic destination located in the Languedoc-Roussillon region in southern France and has a rich history, dating back to the Roman Empire as witnessed by several important remains in and around the city, such as the elliptical Roman amphitheater, the best-preserved Roman arena in France still used today as a bull fighting and concert arena, and the Pont du Gard, a well-preserved and spectacular aqueduct crossing the River Gard. Nîmes, which owes its name to the Celtic god Nemausus, was founded as a Roman colony by the veterans of the legions who had served Julius Caesar in his Nile campaigns and reached its golden age and an estimated population of 60,000 in the time of Augustus being also reinforced with a ring of ramparts.

In 2010, the first Great Roman Games were held in the Nîmes Arena. In brilliant sunshine, 250 actors performed circus games in front of the visitors. Over the weekend, the Arena welcomed 17,227 visitors. The spectacular Roman parade, orchestrated by the “praecco”, (games animator), recounts the return of a campaign featuring legionnaires, Celts, gladiators, horsemen presenting their war trophies. The programme includes equestrian exercises involving Romans versus Gauls, displays of chariot fighting (races, javelin throwing and ground-fighting), gladiator fights on horseback and on foot. The visitors will have the chance to try legionnaires' weapons and equipment while following their training, maneuvers and drills in the roman camp, while the gladiator school will open its doors to the children!

The Programme

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