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Welcome! Thank you for visiting this section of the HisTourism - Heritage Tourism portal on Historia Vivens Web. Here you will find the pages dedicated to special historical and archaeological construction and reconstruction projects, that are actually in progress throughout Europe. You will find as well a selection of the main history and folklore themed parks, which provide a really exciting way to combine fun, entertainment and education in a family-friendly and natural environment.

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some definitions we offer...

Special Projects and Theme Parks represent other types of places where to experience history by the means of living history and experimental archaeology.

Image: temporary reconstruction of a Celtic hut at a reenactment event in Italy. Copyright & source: Historia Vivens Web.

Special projects are experimental archaeology or historical projects that are usually based on the techniques and materials used in the time period of reference, and are really "in action", i.e. ongoing at this very moment, therefore providing a quite unique chance to first-hand experience and contribute to the historical and scientific researches by studying the past while authentically recreating and reliving it. Besides the visitors have the chance to come back regularly and check by themselves the progress made.

Theme Parks are sites and venues, either reconstructed or newly built, where history, traditions and culture are portrayed with recreational and/or educational purposes, as well as in a spiritual perspective. Although in common language the terms “theme park” and “amusement park” are often synonymous and the theme parks themselves are usually classified in the broader category of the amusement parks, still a difference exists as amusement parks properly refers to entertainment attractions, rides, and other events in a location for the enjoyment of large numbers of people, while the theme parks are characterized by being usually much more focused to a certain subject or group of subjects. A theme park has landscaping, buildings, and attractions that are based on one or more specific themes or stories.

List of Special Projects - coming soon...

DunCarron Medieval Fort Medieval Fort under construction Carron Valley Forest, North Lanarkshire, Scotland   Frontiers of the Roman Empire, FRE Roman Limes UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Europe   Golden Road in Tachov Historical Open-air Park in project Town of Tachov, Pilsen Region, Czech Republic   Guédelon Medieval Site Special project of Medieval Castle in the making Near Treigny commune, region of Burgundy, France

List of Theme Parks - coming soon...


Celtic Harmony Camp
Brickendon village, Hertfordshire county, England

Poy du Fou
Theme park of historical shows, fun and activities
Les Epesses commune, Pays de la Loire region, France

Salva Terra
Medieval adventure and leisure park
Haute Rivoire commune, region of Rhône-Alpes, France



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