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Welcome! This gallery is devoted to Nature and the precious treasures it donates to the world. Nature is a unique and eternal source of life, harmony and inspiration. Its splendid colours, impressive manifestations, even the lightest blow of the wind or the smallest flower on the green lawn are able to change human spirit, soul and the perception of the beauty. In the modern world, people appeal to Nature, like thousands of years ago, to get inspiration, hope and peace from it. We seek to watch it, listen to it and breathe it to obtain the most indigenous and genuine impressions for the humans. But in the same modern world, we often limit ourselves to enjoying Nature and its marvels, and then turn back to the everyday life in which we make use of Nature, in such a common way, forgetting that we can harm, exhaust and destroy it…


We would like to present here the Treasures of Nature, with an appeal to the viewers: each time when you get inspiration, harmony and spiritual peace from Nature, let’s give something in exchange! It could be some little things in daily life, that could help it survive.


This section is constantly evolving and new slideshows will be added soon, so please check back frequently for the last updates.


We wish You a pleasant surfing, and hope You will like the images.





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Autumn Treasures: beautiful larch trees and marvels of the mountains create impressive landscape colourful images. The photos are shot in October, around Lake Devero in Apls (Val d’Ossola, Piedmont, Italy).




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