Narni, Corsa all'Anello, May

Corsa all'Anello
24.04 - 14.05.2017
Narni, Terni (Umbria region)

The Event

The event takes palce in Narni, a charming medieval town located atop a hill on a rocky spur overlooking the beautiful valley of the river Nera, about 15km from Terni, in Umbria region, in a strategic location very close to the Geographic center of Italy and along the ancient “Via Flaminia” once linking Rome to the Adriatic Sea. The town boasts a rich artistic heritage and a very ancient history. The territory was already inhabited in the Palaeolithic and Neolithic Ages, while the town was founded by the ancient Umbrians and called Nequinum, and became then a flourishing Roman municipium by name Narnia before reaching its zenith during the Middle Ages. The Irish novelist C. S. Lewis is said to have named the imaginary land of Narnia after Narni noticing the latin name in an atlas during his childhood.

Every year from late April to the second Sunday of May, Narni is home to the "Corsa all’Anello", the historical reenactment of the medieval joust among the knights of the three historical town districts (called Terzieri) which has been taking place in honor of St. Juvenal, first bishop and Patron Saint of Narni, on his feast-day, since the 14th century. On May 3rd, the feast-day of St. Juvenal, in front of the Town Hall takes place the historical “Corsa all’Anello” with the knights trying to take with a pole a silver ring hanging at a certain height from the soil through two soft strings. While the second Sunday of May at the town stadium takes place the modern “Corsa all’Anello”: the knights galloping in opposite directions along an elliptical path try to take with their pole the hanging ring while an electronic device automatically releases the opponent ring when the other is taken. Winner of the joust is the Terziere which manages to collect three rings in the quickest time. The prize is the silver ring to be kept for a year long. The rich programme includes the great torchlight parade with 600 historical characters in faithful period dresses in the downtown Narni decorated with colourful flags and banners, the evocative ceremony of the offer of the candles in the Cathedral, art exhibitions, leisure and educational activities for children, street theatre and flag-throwing performances, medieval market, dance and music shows, historical banquets, guided tours, conferences, lectures, and the "Hostarie" where to taste medieval and traditional cuisine.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Ente Corsa all'Anello
Address: Via Garibaldi, 22 - 05035 Narni (Terni)
Tel./Fax: +39 0744 726233
Mob.: +39 3401580325
E- mail:

Narni Town Council
Address: Piazza dei Priori, 1 - 05035 Narni (Terni)
Tel.: +39 0744 7471
Fax: +39 0744 715270

Narni Tourist Office / Ufficio Informazioni e Accoglienza Turistica
IAT del Comprensorio Ternano
Via Cassian Bon, 4 - 05100 Terni
Tel.: +39 0744 423047
Fax: +39 0744 427259


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