Namur, Medieval Days

The Medieval Days of the Citadel of Namur
Les Médiévales de la Citadelle de Namur
07,08.07.2018 (biennial event, next edition in year 2020)
Namur (Wallonia region)


Medieval festival animated by historical reenactors, artists and craftsmen coming from all over Europe, several equestrian tournaments, special animations for children and a wealth of leisure and educational activities for all ages and tastes in a spectacular hstorical setting...

Geographical, cultural and historical context

The Citadel of Namur at all times occupied a strategic position in the heart of Europe, founded in the Roman era and rebuilt several times. Today the Citadel is open for the visitors, inviting them to witness 2000 years of history. During the summer season, various living history displays and events are organized on the site, among them are Medieval Days held every two years, that restore the real life in Citadel in the Middle Ages.


Event description and programme

Well known in Belgium, but also throughout Europe for the quality of its programme and the exceptional character setting, this festival takes the visitors on an exciting journey into the past, in search of myths and wonders of the ancient world and fabulous Orient. Nearly 500 reenactors, actors and volunteers join the Namur Brotherhood of Malemort to recreate daily scenes, life and work, music and entertainment of the Middle Ages. Special animations, activities and entertainment programs are organized for children and adults, including craft market, workshops and music shows.

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

La Citadelle de Namur
Address: Route Merveilleuse 64, 5000 Namur, Wallonia, Belgium
Tel.: +32 81654500 | Fax: +32 81654579

Office du Tourisme de Namur
Address: Hôtel de Ville 5000, Namur, Belgium
Tel.: +32 81246444 | Fax: +32 81247110

Images: Citadelle de Namur
Text sources: Citadelle de Namur


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