Morimondo, Trecentesca Days

Trecentesca Medieval Days & the Battle of Casorate AD 1356

"Trecentesca", days of medieval historical reenactment
"Trecentesca", giornate di ricostruzione storica medievale
full version with the Battle of Casorate AD 1356
dates 2019 to be announced (uneven years, event last held in year 2017)
preview "Waiting for Trecentesca", focusing on medieval daily life
19,20.05.2018 (even years, event last held in year 2016)
Morimondo (Milan, Lombardy region)

a weekend of great medieval reenactment in the river Ticino reservoir of Northern Italy for the largest gathering in Europe dedicated to the Age of the Visconti, Lords of Milan. Vast historical camps, crafts market, several live-in activities in a beautiful natural setting of large emerald green lawns and fresh groves around an evocative abbey…

Geographical, cultural and historical context

Morimondo is a charming country village located in region Lombardy about 30 km from Milan, in the valley gently sloping to the river Ticino. The story of Morimondo is deeply bound to its Abbey and the Cistercian monks who founded it in 1134 AD coming from the French monastery of Morimond near Dijon in Burgundy. The monks through a great land improvement managed to transform the territory into a very fertile agricultural area, while in 1182 AD they began the building of the church of S.Maria Nascente, one of the most advanced and best examples of Cistercian architecture throughout Europe, which is characterized by simple and functional characteristics and by the usage of material elements (proportions, light, acoustics) symbolizing both the humanity and the divinity of Christ.

Event description and programme

"Trecentesca", the international medieval event commemorates an episode of the local history dating back to year 1356 AD, when in the era of the mighty Visconti (Lords of Milan from 1277 to 1447), in the village of Casorate, the Milanese army led by Lodrisio Visconti (1280-1364, a famous Italian condottiero) clashed with the imperial army of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI of Bohemia (1316-1378) and his Italian allies led by Konrad Wirtinger of Landau (1316?-1363, a German condottiero also known as Count Lando).

Since 2015, the full version of Trecentesca is held in the uneven years with the great battle reeanctment and the extensive historical camps, featuring hundreds of historical reenactors from Italy, France, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, England, Poland and many other European countries. The programme includes guided tours to the abbey and the surroundings, the restaging of a night attack with siege machines and flaming arrows, the reconstruction of two large military camps where the visitors can meet not only the brave men-at-arms, but also several other characters typical of a medieval military camp, such as surgeons, cooks, blacksmiths, carpenters, merchants, craftsmen, sutlers and many other characters of the period. There are also educational exhibitions, displays of miniatures and dioramas, knights’ duels and tournaments, archery and crossbow contests, interactive workshops for adults and children, games of skills and wits, a Latin Mass in the abbey with the ceremony of the blessing of the banners, while the medieval inn and tavern offer medieval and traditional dishes. The climax of the event is represented by the spectacular battle reenactment taking place in the fields around the abbey.

In the even years "Waiting Trecentesca" takes place, a light version of the event which focuses more on the medieval daily life featuring arts and crafts displays and workshops. Although the programme does not include either the imposing reconstruction of the military camps, or the spectacular battle reenactment, the visitors will have the chance discover the history and customs of the Middle Ages, experiencing the main aspects of daily life of the period in a historically rigorous but always attractive and enjoyable way. The meadow around the abbey is home to stalls and stands of merchants, artisans and artists (weavers, dyers, blacksmiths among the others), and the restaging of scenes of the everyday life, such as the collection of taxes to the market, the shopping of the nobles, tavern brawl, robbery and capture the thief. Besides at the Museum of the Abbey offers guided tours, themed exhibitions and lecturers are held, as well as several other leisure and educational activities for children and adults, including workshops illustrating the typical arts of the medieval monks, such as writing, copying and illuminating manuscripts, and herbal medicine. Food and beverage provides a chance of time-travelling as well: the visitors will have the chance to taste dishes prepared according medieval recipes and taste craft beers.

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further the details.

Info & Contact

“Trecentesca” event web page:
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Morimondo Abbey Foundation / Fondazione Abbatia Sancte Marie de Morimundo
Address: Piazza Municipio 6 - 2081 Morimondo (Milano), Italy
Tel./fax: +39 02 94961919

Morimondo Town Council / Comune di Morimondo
Address: P.zza Municipio, 1- c.a.p. 20081 Morimondo (Milano). Italy
Tel.: +39 02 94961941/2 -
Fax: +39 02 94961950
E-mail Ufficio Turismo:

Image: Fondazione Abbatia Sancte Marie de Morimundo
Text: Fondazione Abbatia Sancte Marie de Morimundo, Morimondo Town Council, Compagnia di Porta Giovia, Wikipedia


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