Montone, Holy Thorn, AUG.

The Donation of the Holy Thorn in Montone

The Donation of the Holy Thorn
Donazione della Santa Spina
11-19.08.2018 (to be confirmed)
Montone, Perugia (Umbria region)

The Event

Montone is a charming walled medieval village located among the green hills of the Upper Tiber Valley, about 35 km north of Perugia, in Umbria region. The town boasts a rich historical, artistic, and natural heritage, and was historically first mentioned in the 10th century, while in AD 1121 it was embattled under the control of the nearby Perugia. The history of Montone is closely tied to the military and political fortunes of the Fortebracci, a dinasty of Italian condottieri (warlords and leaders of the free companies, armies of professional mercenaries during the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance), and reached its maximum splendour under the rule of Braccio da Montone (1368-1424, born Andrea Fortebracci, and also known as Braccio Fortebraccio).

Carlo Fortebracci, son of Braccio, was fighting in the service of the Republic of Venice against the Turks between 1470 and 1477, and as reward for his bravery and brilliant exploits he was given a sacred relic, one of the thorns of the crown that pierced the head of Jesus Christ. Carlo Fortebracci decided to bring it as a present to his hometown Montone, establishing a celebration to be held every year on the Easter Monday. According to legends at the arrival of the first soldiers bringing the Holy Thorn to Montone the bells of the village began to play by themselves, and the Holy Thorn started flourishing on Good Friday with a sweet scent. In year 1638 because of the growing number of pilgrims, it was established to hold a second ostension the last Sunday of August.

Twice a year, in spring and in summer, Montone is home to great historical, cultural and religious event to celebrate the figure of Carlo Fortebraccio, the magnificence of Montone county at that time and the donation of the Holy Thorn. The streets and the squares turn magically into the atmosphere of a medieval village thanks to musicians, jesters, jugglers, flag-throwers, merchants, men-at-arms and many other historical characters in faithful period costumes. The programme includes the reading of the proclamation by the gran Master, the arrival of Carlo Fortebraccio with his knights, the great historical parade of the donation of the Holy Thorn, the solemn mass, the medieval market with plenty of stalls of craftsmen, a great archery tournament, a dramatized itinerant tour in period costumes, and several workshops for children.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further the details.

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Montone Town Council / Comune di Montone
Address: Piazza Fortebraccio, 3 - 06014 Montone (Perugia)
Tel.: +39 075-9306427 - Fax: +39 075-9307121

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