Montmirail, Campaign in France

The 1814 Campaign in France, Battle Montmirail
La Campagne de France de 1814, la Bataille de Montmirail
Dates 2017 to be announced
Montmirail (Champagne-Ardenne region)

The Event

The Six Days Campaign (10–14 February 1814) marked a final series of victories by the forces of Napoleon Bonaparte, during the 1814 Campaign in France, as the Sixth Coalition closed in on Paris. Champaubert, Montmirail, Château-Thierry, and Vauchamps - these are four battles of the Six Days Campaign, that demonstrated the breadth of Napoleon's tactical genius, when with few seasoned troops he managed to gain victory after victory over the enemy superior in numbers.

To celebrate the Six Days Campaign, the Napoleonic military camp is set up in the park of Montmirail Castle, and the soldiers take part in a march in the countryside near Montmirail. The march is accompanied by skirmishes and displays, with a stop in a "requisitioned" village where the soldiers find food and shelter.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

L’Association «Les Hussards de Lasalle – Montmirail 1814»
Address: Le Château de Montmirail, Montmirail commune, Marne department


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