Montblanc, Setmana Medieval

The Medieval Week of Sant Jordi in Montblanc

Medieval Week of St George's legend
Setimana Medieval de la Llegenda de Sant Jordi
Montblanc, Tarragona (Catalunya aut. community)

The Event

Montblanc is a charming medieval town located in the centre of Catalunya, near the Mediterranean Sea and the Prades Mountains, about 100km from Barcelona, in Spain. The territory has a very ancient history as witnessed by several archaeological findings and cave dwellings dating back to Palaeolithic times. After the first settlements of the ancient Iberians, the area experienced the Roman conquest, and later on, in 711 AD, the invasion of the Moors who brought a long period of agricultural and commercial development and peaceful coexistence of Muslims, Christians and Jews. After obtaining several privileges and royal favors in the 12th century, Montblanc reached its maximum splendour between the 13th and 14th centuries thanks to urban planning, demographic increase, several exemptions, prerogatives like the granting of fairs and markets. Montblanc became the seat of parliament and residence of the royal court, as well as the administrative, political, military and religious centre of a large territory, the Duchy of Montblanc.

Every year in April Montblanc hosts a great historical event, the "Medieval Week", to celebrate the golden age of the town and the saint patron of Catalunya, St George, who, according to a local ancient legend, fought against the dragon just in front of Montblanc town walls. The audience will enjoy a deep insight into the daily life during the Middle Ages through a variety of leisure and educational events which includes theatrical productions and medieval festivities, while all the town turns into a medieval village with hundreds of historical characters in period dresses, and the streets, squares, towers and walls festooned and decorated with flags and standards. The celebration starts with the ceremony of the Proclamation of the Medieval Week at the presence of the knight St. George, the Princess and the royal court, and culminates with the restaging of the legend through an exciting show of colours and sounds, lights and fireworks with St. George rescuing the princess from the feared dragon and slaying the beast.

The programme includes lectures and conferences, a Gregorian Mass sung by the Schola Cantorum, music concerts and choirs, falconry shows, the recreation of the Catalan Courts (the local government of the time), a great medieval banquet in honour of the King enlivened by oriental dances and all the typical entertainments of the period. The medieval market offers samples and demonstrations of medieval arts and crafts and a variety of goods and wares produced with period tools and techniques. The historical camp hosts living history displays about the medieval daily life and special training for young knights: sort of workshops, at which the children can take part to learn about shields, swords, helmets and spears. A great medieval tournament takes place as well, offering a thrilling spectacle of action and courage in which the knights show all their skills in the art of jousting and duelling.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Associació Medieval de la Llegenda de Sant Jordi
Address: Carrer Poblet i Teixidor, 10 1a planta - 43400 - Montblanc (Tarragona)
Tel.: +34 977 862956

Montblanc Town Council
Ajuntament de Montblanc
Address: Plaça Major, 1 - 43400 Montblanc (Tarragona)
Tel.: +34 977 860009 - 977 860012
Fax: +34 977 862802

Àrea de Turisme i Projecció Exterior de l'Ajuntament de Montblanc
Antiga Església de Sant Francesc s/n - 43400 Montblanc (Tarragona)
Tel: +34 977 861 733

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