Minsk, White Castle

White Castle
 Белый Замок
Next edition dates to be announced (the event was last held in 2014)
Ostroshytskiy Gorodok village, near Minsk

The Event

Since May 2010 the “Orden Severnogo Khrama” (“Northern Temple Order”) started the establishment of the historical cultural center “Knights’ Castle” near the village of Ostroshitskij Gorodok, about 15 km from Minsk, in Belarus. The project includes the reconstruction of a knights arena for joust and tournaments, concert stages for minstrels, a forgery, the street of trade guilds, stables, taverns and other period settings. The building complex is being redesigned according to the ancient castle.

The international festival “White Castle” is considered one of the greatest and most exciting event in Belarus featuring several hundreds of reenactors from Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Lithuania and other European countries and attracting a growing interest from audience and media. The programme includes mock battle reenactments, sword and archery tournaments, buhurts (an ancient form of medieval mass battle), contests of historical clothing and ballet, medieval music and dance shows and the great medieval market open to the visitors.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Festival official web page: http://vk.com/fest_white_castle

“Northern Temple Order”, International Union “Knights of Outremer”
Address: Historical Cultural Center “Rytsarskiy zamok”, Ostroshytskiy Gorodok village
(15 km from Minsk, direction of Logoisk, Radoshkovichi), Belarus
Tel.: +375447500800, +375175411812
Fax: +375175073025
E-mail: knigts.of.outremer@gmail.com
E-mail: ritterburg@tut.by
Web: https://vk.com/outremer

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