Mindelheim, Frundsbergfest

Frundsberg Festival in Mindelheim
Frundsbergfest Mindelheim
29.06 - 08.07.2018 (the event is held every three years)
Mindelheim, Unterallgäu (Bavaria state)


one of the largest historical festivals in Germany held in a chamring walled old town every three years since 1853 to commemorate the renowned German knight and landowner Georg von Frundsberg thanks to over 2000 participants dressed in historical clothes and a 10-days rich programme of events including plays, parades, battke reenactments, concerts, crafts and farmers markets, and a wealth of leisure and educational activities for all ages and tastes...


Geographical, cultural and historical context

Mindelheim is located about 90 km west of the Bavarian capital of Munich. Every three years, since 1853, the people of Mindelheim have held celebrations to commemorate a great family of knights who, coming from Schwaz in Tyrol, took over the town and domination of Mindelheim in 1467 and determined the destiny of this region in the very heart of Swabia for more than 100 years.

Georg von Frundsberg, to whom the Festival is dedicated, was born in 1473. He started his career as a mercenary with the newly created infantry, known as the “Landsknechte”, gaining his first experiences during the Swiss Wars in 1499. Leading the mercenaries in several battles and conquests, he managed to gain fame for himself and the “Landsknechte”, and was considered by his troops “Father of the Mercenaries”. For centuries Frundsberg remained a lasting memory in the Landsknechts’ tunes and tales, in countless portraits, songs and novels. All this brought him a well-earned position as a memorable – and durable – German historical figure.


Event description and programme

The Frundsberg Festival has become one of the largest historical festivals in Germany over time. In the midst of the picturesque atmosphere of the medieval town center, around 2.500 participants relive their history along with 200 horses, more than 30 carriages and cannonry. For a short period of time, they all do return to life: Emperors and kings, lords and ladies, townspeople and merchants, craftsmen and peasants, beggars and jugglers, the famous Landsknechte (mercenaries) with their Tross (camp followers) and last but not least, Georg von Frundsberg himself.

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Info & Contact

Frundsberg Festring Mindelheim e.V.
Address: "Alte Fronfeste", Imhofgasse 3 - 87719 Mindelheim, Unterallgäu district, Germany
Tel.: +49 82615584 | Fax: +49 8261738441
E-mail: info@frundsbergfest.de
Web: http://www.frundsbergfest.de

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