Mikulov, Wine Festival

The Pálava Wine Festival in Mikulov
Pálavské Vinobraní v Mikulově
Mikulov (South Moravian region)

The Event

The event takes place in Mikulov, a town located in South Moravia, a hilly region rich in vineyards, ancient castles and hospitable people, and known as the “Garden of Europe”, in the Czech Republic about 215 km from Prague and 50 km from Brno along the border with Austria (Vienna is about 90 km away). Mikulov heritage includes the Dietrichstein Castle (from a bohemian-austrian noble family), the Piarist College, the old Jewish Quarter and several other historical buildings and churches. Mikulov history is deeply connected to the 1805 and 1809 Napoleon’s Campaigns against Austria, the first ended by the Battle of Austerlitz, while the second by the ones of Wagram and Znojmo, with Napoleon being reported to have spent a few nights in Mikulov both times.

Thanks to its favorable climate and the great location in the heart of a territory rich in vineyards Mikulov is one of the European wine capitals and home to several historical wineries. And every year in September just the wine becomes the protagonist of a great event: the Pálava Wine Festival (from Pálava, a beautiful landscape protected area and UNESCO biosphere reserve in Southern Moravia), a must for everyone appreciating fine culinary delicacies and fine wines. The celebration of the wine harvest is a tradition which has been kept alive for over two centuries in South Moravia, and is deeply linked to a main event of the local history: in AD 1403 a knights’ squadron led by Prince Jan of Liechtenstein, Lord of Mikulov, managed to free the Czech King Wenceslas IV held in prison in Vienna. The return of the King is still now celebrated by reenacting on friday the knights setting off from the main square towards Vienna, while on Saturday all the town is welcoming back the King with a great historical parade featuring about 400 historical characters and also Bacchus and allegoric carriages of local vintners. In the castle garden the audience can enjoy a medieval crafts market, historical camps with knights fencing, and jugglers’ performances, several workshops for adult and children. The rich programme includes culinary delights, exhibitions, song contests, folklore dance and theatre, historical and folk music, international brass-band competition, fireworks, guided tours, as well as lectures, wine tasting and market in the castle hall and cellars, and not last the Burčák, “the new wine”, a partially fermented wine.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Pálava Wine Festival Organization Mikulovská Development
Tel.: +420 519444588
E-mail: janderkova@mikulov.cz
Web: www.palavske-vinobrani.cz/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/palavskevinobrani

Mikulov Town Council / Město Mikulov
Address: Náměstí 1 - 692 01 Mikulov, Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 519 444 568
Department of Culture
Tel: +420 519444568
E-mail: kultura@mikulov.cz
Web: www.mikulov.cz

Tourist Information Centre Mikulov
Address: Náměstí 1 - 692 01 Mikulov, Czech Republic
Tel: +420 519 510 855
E-mail: tic@mikulov.cz
Web: www.mikulov.cz

Image: Pálava Wine Festival
Text sources: Pálava Wine Festival, Wikipedia, Mikulov Town Council

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