Meldola, Hawks & Bows

Falchi et Archi 
Hawks & Bows
Rocca delle Caminate, Meldola (Forlì, Emilia-Romagna region)

The Event

Meldola is a medieval and renaissance town located along the river Ronco in a territory fertile and rich in water next to the Apennines slopes, about 12 km from Forlì and 20 km from Cesena, in Emilia-Romagna region. The town, inhabited since very ancient times, was as a prosperous Ancient Roman colony as witnessed by the remains of several patrician villas and the aqueduct still existing in the underground. The today landmark is represented by the castle (originally an early-medieval military stronghold converted then to private residence), built on a rocky spur overlooking Meldola, which is also known as ”the town of the four castles” because of its four castles: Rocca di Meldola, Rocca delle Caminate, Castello di Teodorano and Castelnuovo.

The September historical event is hosted in the imposing Rocca delle Caminate, a defensive stronghold located in the homonymous hamlet a few kilometers from Meldola and owing its name to the many battlements along the walls, or to the high number of “caminate” rooms, (i.e. equipped with a fireplace, therefore heated). Theme of the event is the falconry, an ancient hunting art born in the East and probably introduced in the West during the Middle Ages by the Crusaders coming back home. Falconry developed soon all over Europe as the most prestigious and beloved hunting, so that everywhere the hawk became symbol of power and nobility. The audience will enjoy a deep insight in the charming atmosphere of the Middle Ages thanks to a rich program including displays of falconry with flight tests and simulations of falconry on horseback, archery and fencing tournaments, workshops for adults and children, dance and music shows, flag-throwing performances, as well as the medieval crafts market, the historical parade, and food stands where to taste the medieval and local cuisine.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Rocca delle Caminate
Tel.: +39 3392658747, +39 3355889091

Associazione Ricreativa e Culturale il Drago Oscuro

Meldola Town Council / Comune di Meldola
Address: Piazza Felice Orsini n. 29 - 47014 Meldola (Forlì), Italy
Fax: +39 0543 490862
E-mail Segreteria:
E-mail Ufficio Servizi Sociali-Culturali-Sportivi:

Meldola Tourism Office / Pro Loco Città di Meldola
Address: Piazza Felice Orsini, 12 - 47014 Meldola (Forlì), Italy
Tel.: +39 0543 490647 - Fax: +39 0543 499244

Image: Rocca delle Carminate
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