Medzhybizh, Ancient Medzhybizh

Ancient Medzhybizh Medieval Festival
Стародавній Меджибіж
 18-20.08.2017 - still to be confirmed!
Medzhybizh village (Khmelnitsky region)

The Event

Medzhybizh Castle is situated at the confluence of the Southern Bug and Buzhok rivers, in the town of Medzhybizh, 25 km from Khmelnytsky. The Castle was built as a bulwark against Ottoman expansion in the 1540s and became one of the strongest fortresses of the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland in Podolia. In the 19th century, by order of the Russian empress Alexandra Feodorovna, wife of Tsar Nicholas I, the Castle was rebuilt in a romantic style, and all its walls were covered with white lime plaster, and this colour gave a new name to the fortress: the White Swan, which was popular for many years.

Every year in August hundreds of members of reenactment groups from different countries visit the festival “Ancient Medzhybizh”. They put on shining knight armours and encounter in battles and duels, as it was hundreds of years ago. The visitors have the opportunity to shoot with bows and crossbows, visit the artisans fair and watch the smiths, potters and other craftsmen performing their work. Besides, the costume contests, medieval cuisine and street theatre performances are to be experienced, while the evening program offers the concert of folk and medieval music.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Association/organization name Military historical club “Voyin”; museum-reserve “Medzhybizh”
Address: Fortress “Bila Lebid” (the White Swan Fortress), Medzhybizh Castle, Medzhybizh village, Letychivsky district, Khmelnitsky Region
Tel.: +38 0673823034


Image: museum-reserve Medzhybizh
Text sources: museum-reserve Medzhybizh, Wikipedia


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