Mauterndorf, Medieval Festival

Medieval Festival in Mauterndorf
Mittelalterfest in Mauterndorf
Markt & Burg Mauterndorf in Lungau (Salzburg state)


the Middle Ages come to life again in the historic town center and the castle where visitors have an opportunity to lose themselves in a long forgotten period in history, while jugglers, traders, knights, maidens, and many more historical characters bring back the medieval daily life for all ages and tastes...


Geographical, cultural and historical context

Mauterndorf is a market town located in the valley of the Southern Taurach River, at the foot of the fascinating mountain range of the Lungau region, south of Salzburg in Austria. The charming town, once a major toll ("maut" in German language) station along the "Via Imperialis", the ancient Roman north-south trade route, is dominated by the imposing Mauterndorf Castle (Burg Mauterndorf), a 13th century stronghold built by the archbishops of Salzburg on a rocky cliff, most likely on the site of a former Roman fort (castrum). The medieval castle was funded and supported by a toll (maut) collection system for the nearby road. Today the castle is a regional centre of cultural interest and offers a wide range of activities and sights for adults and children, housing a regional museum and providing the backdrop for various cultural events.

Besides, the historic Mauterndorf market is a true cultural landscape: from the Gothic portal to the historical Roman stone, the visitors can enjoy a unique chance to wander through bygone times. The summertime offers wonderful hikes to the romantic mountain lakes, as well as the traditional mountain huts of the Lungau region and diverse cycling tours at all heights and levels of difficulty. In winter, Mauterndorf provides kilometre-long cross-country ski trails, while the snow-covered slopes of the surrounding mountains allow skiers, snowboarders and carvers to rejoice, and are perfect for romantic snow-shoe hikes and guided ski tours. Whoever prefers their winter sports on the level will appreciate.


Event description and programme

Mauterndorf’s historical town centre with its harmonious, centuries-old market square and the fairytale-like castle form a unique backdrop for several events all year round, like the Medieval Festival, which takes place in summer bringing the Middle Ages back to life thanks to living history displays of the medieval daily life and a wealth of leisure and educational activities. Once a year, the time turns back to centuries and the Middle Ages come back to life for a spectacular journey through time in an authentic medieval hustle & bustle waiting for young and aged visitors from any cultural backgrounds and walks of life to join.

The rich programme includes jousting and archery displays, theatre performances, music concerts, parades, fire shows, combat and battle reenactment, guided tours at the historical camps, a variety of crafts workshops and special interactive programmes for adults and children, making the festival a real feast for the whole family. The visitors can watch the performances of jesters and acrobats, meet many historical characters of the local history, such as Archbishop Leonhard von Keutschach and his entourage, follow the knights tournaments, roam around the colourful stalls peopled by merchants and artisans in the medieval market, and also taste dishes made according original medieval recipes. The guests have also the chance to enjoy a fascinating view of Mauterndorf and the surrounding mountains from the 44m high castle keep, visit the Lungau Regional Museum and enjoy meals at the charming castle tavern with hearty fare and sun terrace.

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Info & Contact

Großes Mittelalterfest im Markt und auf der Burg Mauterndorf
ARGE „Mittelalterfest Mauterndorf“ / Tourismusverband Mauterndorf
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Mauterndorf Castle
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Mauterndorf Tourist Information Office Lungau, Salzburgerland
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Mauterndorf Town Council / Marktgemeinde Mauterndorf
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Castle Tavern / Burgschenke Mauterndorf - Gerhard Pfeifer
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Mob.: +43 (0)664 1132925

Images: ARGE „Mittelalterfest Mauterndorf“ / Tourismusverband Mauterndorf
Text sources: ARGE „Mittelalterfest Mauterndorf“ / Tourismusverband Mauterndorf


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