Masserano, Beltane

Beltane Celtic Festival
Festa Celtica di Beltane
Parco Arcobaleno, Masserano
(Biella, Piedmont region)


A weekend of history and music, spirituality and heritage, games and cuisine, craft and reenactment to celebrate the ancient Celtic Festival of Beltane in a beautiful natural setting accompanied by brave warriors, wise druids, enchanting fairies…

Geographical, cultural and historical context

The town of Masserano is located in the far southeast of the province of Biella, in region Piedmont, about 70 km from Turin and 12 km from Biella, in an area surrounded by a clay flat terrain, called "Baragge", characterized by the presence of grass ("Molina cerulean"), heath, mountain arnica, and rare trees (birch, poplar and sessile oak), one of the last examples of European savannah, protected now thanks to the creation of a "natural reserve", where to admire different species of animals and plants, and enjoy walking or horseback excursions.


Event description and programme

The Celtic Festival in Masserano, the first major festival of Celtic and Druidic tradition in Italy since 1997, takes place in the enchanting natural scenery of “Parco Arcobaleno” recording a high number of visitors every year of all ages and from all over Italy. The festival is dedicated to Beltane, the ancient Celtic feast of Spring and rebirth of nature, which marked the beginning of the pastoral summer season, as well as the "bright half" of the year and the end of the "dark half". historical camps with fighting demonstrations and workshops held by the reenactors groups. The programme includes leisure and educational activities for adults and children, including games and workshops, themed exhibitions, conferences, druidic divination and meditation courses, stages of Celtic music and dance. Children can especially take part at Celtic animated tales, Celtic design and makeup stages, and playful pony riding. A key role all over the weekend is played by the great music concerts and dance shows, featuring international and Italian artists and bands. Highlights of the event are the sacred rite of the Beltane fires on Saturday night and the ceremony of the May Pole dance on Sunday afternoon. The visitors can enjoy guided tours at the historical camps, living history displays, battle reenactments, a pleasant stroll along the large crafts market with stands of Celtic-themed historical and traditional artisanry, and, of course, Celtic cuisine accompanied by good beer and mead.

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Event official website:

Associazione Culturale "AnticaQuercia"
Tel./Fax: +39 (0)15 22246
Mob.: +39 3490020627
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Masserano Town Council / Comune di Masserano
Address: Via Roma, 190 - 13866 Masserano (Biella), Italy
Tel.: +39 (0)15 96927 - Fax: +39 (0)15 96924

Image: © Photo MicheleGiorgio via AnticaQuercia
Text: AnticaQuercia, Wikipedia

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