Marcallo, Celtic Festival

Insubria Celtic Festival
Marcallo con Casone, Milano (Lombardy region)

Celebrating Beltane and reenacting the Ticino Battle 218 BC...


The Event

The event takes place in Marcallo con Casone, a municipality located in region Lombardy, in the upper areas of the Po valley, about 25 km from Milan, and originated by the merging of two villages: Marcallo (with the name of Germanic origin meaning a market place, in reference to the important market held during the Langobard Age), and Casone which owes its name to the dairy farms specialized in the cheese production (caseus in latin). The territory was already inhabited in ancient times as witnessed by several archaeological findings of swords belonging to the Insubres Celtic tribes who settled in the area during the 7th century BC. There are also numerous ancient Roman findings along the "via mercatorum", on the left bank of the Ticino river from Pavia to Gaul.

Every year at the end of April Marcallo hosts the very first opening event of the Celtic Festivals season in Italy celebrating the ancient Beltane, the feast of the spring and the rebirth of nature, which marks the beginning of the pastoral summer season, as well as the "bright half" of the year. Venue of the event is the Villa Ghiotti Park with many sports facilities and playgrounds and a large area for cultural meeting and recreational activities. Hundreds of reenactors from all Europe are involved in the accurate reconstruction of the Celtic and Roman historical camps, where the visitors will enjoy a deep insight into the daily life of the ancient Celts. The rich programme includes themed exhibitions and conferences, guided tours, historical and traditional crafts market, dance and music workshops, games and tales for the children, archery competitions, celtic and traditional food and drinks, great concerts and dance shows, the druidic ritual of the sacred fire, and of course the Beltane celebration. Headline is the reenactment of some stages of the 218 BC Battle of the river Ticino during the Second Punic War: the Carthaginians and their Celts allies crushed the legions led by Publius Cornelius Scipio (father of the later famous Scipio Africanus). This battle reenactment is alternated in different years with the reenactment of Celtic clans' battles.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Insubria Festival official website:

Associazione Culturale Terra Insubre
Address: Via Frasconi, 4 - 21.100 Varese
Tel./Fax: +39 0332 286542
E-mail: segreteria @

Marcallo con Casone Town Council
Address: Via Vitali 18, Marcallo con Casone - 20010 (Milano)
Tel.: +39 02-979611 - +39 02 996138


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