Lulea, Medieval Days

Medeltidsdagarna på Hägnan i Luleå
Medieval Days at Hägnan in Luleå
Luleå (Norrbotten county)

The Event

Gammelstad Church Town is situated in Luleå Municipality in Sweden and known also as “Luleå Old Town”. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and represents the best preserved example of a town that was widespread throughout northern Scandinavia in the Middle Ages. The open-air museum Hägnan was created to conserve the oldest parts of Gammelstad. The buildings at Hägnan, reconstructed in the authentic location, give a realistic image of the medieval coastal village.

Hägnan museum is also the place for the annual festival, dedicated to the medieval past – Medieval Days in Luleå, taking the name of the Swedish municipality where it is situated. In medieval camps the visitors meet the knights, blacksmiths, jugglers and other folk of the period, working and selling their goods, or training and fighting at tournaments, or entertaining the crowds with music and dances. Altogether, they create an unforgettable atmosphere of the past inviting also the visitors to relive it.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Medeltidsdagarna på Hägnan
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Frostheim Association

Friluftsmuseet Hägnan
Address: Gamla hamngatan 21, 954 33 Gammelstad, Luleå Municipality, Norrbotten County
Tel.: +46920453809
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