Lomello, Theodelinda's Wedding

Laumellum, Lombards’ festival and Theodelinda's Wedding, AD 590
La grande festa longobarda per le nozze di Teodolinda
16, 17.06.2018
Lomello, Pavia (Lombardia region)

Geographical, cultural and historical context

Lomello comune is located in the Province of Pavia, about 50 km from Milan and 30 km from Pavia, on the right bank of the Agogna river. It gives its name to the surrounding area, the Lomellina. Lomello began to know a considerable prosperity during the domination of the Lombards or Longobards in the Middle Ages. From that time derive many traditions and legends related to the Lombard Lomello.


Event description and programme

The "Laumellum" reenactment (by the ancient roman name of the place), with its historical costumes and fascinating scenery, offers an insight into the daily life in the period of the Lombards, giving the participants opportunity to taste the ancient recipes, try medieval crafts, walk in a real Lombard market and military camp and enjoy the typical entertainment of the period.

The highlight of the festival are two reenactment displays inspired by historical events: the wedding of Theodelinda and Agilulf, rulers of the Lombards, and the legend of the Liprando Foot. According to the legend, the marriage between Theodelinda and Agilulf was celebrated in 590 in Lomello. According to the Lombard traditions, the spouses had to drink wine from the same cup, and at that moment Theodelinda made Agilulf kiss her in the mouth, to seal their union with greater force, in front of the court and all the guests. The second legend tells about King of the Lombards Liutprand, who was a generous and very wise man. One day the citizens appealed for his support, tired of continuous tricks of some merchants and asking the King to establish a determined unit of measurement for commercial transactions. Liutprand decided to imply as general measure the length of his foot, placing it on a stone. Miraculously, he left an indelible footprint on the stone, which was kept carefully as a proof of the proper measure of foot, from then on called “liprando foot”.

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Info & Contact

Association/organization name: Pro Loco e Unione dei Comuni di Lomello e Galliavola
Tel./Fax: +39 (0)38485005 (Lomello Town Council)
Tel.: +39 3483988361
E-mail: prolocolomello@yahoo.it
Web: http://prolocolomello.blogspot.it

Image: ProLoco Lomello
Text sources: ProLoco Lomello, Wikipedia


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