Löddeköpinge, VikingaTider

Viking Times
Löddeköpinge, Kävlinge (Skåne county), SWEDEN


Vikinga Tider (“Viking Times”) is an archaeological open-air museum under construction in Löddeköpinge, Skåne county, in southern Sweden, and aimed to provide a faithful reconstruction of a Viking landscape with houses, farms, animals and everyday life as it could have been like a thousand years ago. The Löddeköpinge region is strategically located close to both Malmö and Copenhagen, in the middle of the attractive Öresund Region, one of Europe’s most innovative and multi-cultural environments and rich in finds from especially the Viking Age.

The Vikinga Tider will be an interactive open-air museum as well as a working archaeology laboratory. The final project, once completed, will consist of two parts, the modern main building, “Fortress of Culture”, and the 24 hectares reconstructed Viking Age landscape with a park featuring not only farms and houses, but the daily life of the whole community with pastures, meadows, animals, agriculture, handicrafts, trade and religion. Besides, also a stave church (a medieval wooden church with a post and beam construction related to timber framing) is being planned as a faithful reconstruction of one the two 12th century excavated stave churches on the site.

Today the Vikinga Tider has at its disposal a simple base camp with an information hall, office, gift shop, storage space and workshops. In connection with the temporary “base-camp” a small Viking Age farm is built with a longhouse, which is a reconstruction of a Viking farm from the 10th century in Skåne. The goal of the park is to tell the true story of the Vikings and to bring history to life by offering a first-hand live-in experience. The site hosts several cultural events, craft weekends, including the Archaeology Days and the annual Viking Market, the "Fröja Thing" (to find out more about the event please visit our dedicated page, click here).

Guided tours, day-trip programs, summer camps, historical crafts displays take place throughout the season. The site is also available for customized private and corporate events. Every year larger events are arranged, like Walpurgis Night and a Viking weekend. Lectures and school programmes are also a part of the current activities. Vikinga Tider can produce and package different experiences and products for visitors and supply learning activities that both stimulate and develop.

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Address: Ådalsvägen 18 - 246 36 Löddeköpinge, Kävlinge Municipality, Skåne County, Sweden
Tel.: +46 046706210 | Fax: +46 046712810
E-mail: info@vikingatider.se
Web: http://www.vikingatider.se
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VikingaTider

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Experiencing the Archaeology Day at the VikingaTider in Löddeköpinge



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