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“Anyone who tries to make a distinction between Education and Entertainment
doesn't know the first thing about either,
Education should be entertaining and Entertainment should be educational.”
Herbert Marshall McLuhan (1911–1980), Canadian philosopher

Welcome! Thank you for visiting the Living History section on Historia Vivens Web. Here you will find resources and information dedicated to introduce the practices of Living History, Historical Reenactment and Experimental Archaeology: what they are about, which goals they set, which methods they follow, who the Reenactors and Living Historians are, which types of events and initiatives they take part at and much more.

Thanks to a variety of resources, including contributes and articles, pictures and videos, that will be published in this section time by time, we wish to tell in the simplest way possible the extraordinary world of these rather new practices and disciplines, without claiming to be exhaustive or scientifically precise, as inevitably, we have to omit the too technical and complex aspects, and introduce some simplification as well.

Nevertheless, we hope that the information provided on this pages is sufficiently clear, detailed and intellegible for all the visitors, and able to inspire and stimulate them to get closer to this beautiful world, deepening their knowledge about these practices, and - why not - maybe also experiencing them first-hand.

Please scroll down and discover how History relives in a family-friendly, entertaining and educating way. We wish you a pleasant surfing and hope you will like the contents. 

Living History, a family-friendly Time-travelling!

From the Ancient Civilizations to the Middle Ages, from the Renaissance Age to the Napoleonic and Contemporary Eras, History comes back and relives thanks to the Living History and Historical Reenactment through a variety of events and initiatives held all over Europe by regional and national authorities, local communities, private associations, corporate entities, travel agencies and tour operators, as well as by schools, museums, castles and other heritage sites and historic properties.

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Historical Reenactment, a 3-D full immersion in History!

Living History and Historical Reenactment represent a grand-scale and highly interactive picture of the daily life through the ages, that harmoniously combines education and entertainment and involves both the living historians and the audience in a unique, creative, emotional and first-hand experience, allowing them to get a sense of travelling back through time and a deep insight of what the civilian or military life in a given historical period was like. In a few words simply a 3-D full immersion in History for all ages, in a family-friendly context!

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Experimental Archaeology, a first-hand test of the Past!

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Heritage Interpretation, making History to relive where it happened!

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Living History bibliography & web resources

A selection of printed and online readings and other resources covering a variety of themes and topics in the field of Living History, Historical Reenactment, Heritage and Historic Interpretation, Experimental Archaeology, Experiential Learning, Interactive Participation, Museum Theatre, Storytelling, and much more…

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