Ligny, Battle AD 1815

Napoleonic Days, the Battle of Ligny AD 1815
Les Journées Napoléoniennes, la Bataille de Ligny 1815
Centre Général Gérard, Ligny, Sombreffe (Wallonia region)

The Event

Ligny is a village in the municipality of Sombreffe, province of Namur, known as the site of the Battle of Ligny, Emperor's last victory before Waterloo. The French troops under Napoleon's command defeated a Prussian army under Blücher, two days before the battle of Waterloo, on June 16, 1815.

Reenactors and citizens of Ligny commemorate the Battle of Ligny every first weekend in June, since 1965. The festivities begin on Saturday by the inauguration and opening of the bivouacs. Hundreds of tents in the meadows surrounding the center of Ligny allow soldiers to have a brief rest before the big maneuvers. For the whole weekend a village of the period is recreated, inviting to visit the stands of craftsmen, and several guided tours are offered to discover the site.

The Programme

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Info & Contact

Ligny-Sombreffe Tourism Office / Tourisme Ligny-Sombreffe
Syndicat d'Initiative et de Tourisme de Sombreffe
Address: Rue Pont Piraux 23, 5140 Ligny (Sombreffe)
Tel.: +32 71 818313

Mouvement Bonapartiste Belgique
Jacques Janssens
Address: Rue des Combattants, 27, 1400 Nivelles, Belgium
Tel.: +32 0497930737

Sombreffe Town Council / Administration communale de Sombreffe
Address: Allée de Château-Chinon, 7, 5140 Sombreffe, Belgium
Tel.: +32 071 827410
Fax: +32 071 827440

Le Centre Général Gérard - Musée de la Bataille de Ligny
Address: Rue Pont-Piraux 23, 5140 Ligny, Belgium
Tel.: +32 71 818313

Image: Ligny-Sombreffe Tourism Office
Text sources: Wikipedia, Ligny-Sombreffe Tourism Office, Sombreffe Town Council, Wallonia Tourism


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