Libusin, Historical Festival

Battle Libušín. Historical Festival Libušín
Bitva Libušín. Historický festival v Libušíně
Libušín, Kladno (Central Bohemia region)

The Event

The event takes place in Libusin, a town of central Bohemia located about 5 km north-west of Kladno and 45 km from Prague. The place was first mentioned at the age of the Břetislav I (1002/1005-1055, Duke of Bohemia from 1035 until his death, and known as the Bohemian Achilles), but archaeological findings confirm the territory was already inhabited since 6th/7th Century AD. On the hill above the southwestern edge of the village are to be found the remains of an early medieval castle (also known as Fort St George), a Slavic settlement from the 9th/11th Century AD covering an area over 12 hectares and consisting of three parts.

Every year in April, on the first sunday following St. George’s feast-day, in the neighborhood of Fort St. George take place pilgrimages and also a great medieval festival, the Historical Festival Libušín, one of the biggest in Czech Republic with many historical groups coming from all over the country and the participation of many spectators in historical dresses as well. Set of the event is a steeply sloping field at the edge of the pine trees forest just outside the village. There will be built a fortified military camp and a medieval village of thatched huts with wooden palisades. The rich programme provides a deep insight into the medieval daily life and military tactics, and includes entertainment with musicians, dancers and jugglers, archery and falconry displays, fencing tournaments, several educational and leisure activities for children, historical marketplace, live music, theatre shows, medieval cuisine in the historical inns and taverns, guided tours at the historical camps divided according the specific medieval time period portrayed by the groups (from the fierce early medieval Vikings to the late medieval famous Swiss mercenaries). Absolutely epic is battle reenactment, one of the greatest and most spectacular in Europe, featuring horsebacks charges, cannon fire, special pyrotechnic effects, and more than a thousand fighting reenactors.


The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details details.

Info & Contact

Libušínský spolek přátel historie
Address: Václava Řacha 1584 - 273 09 Kladno, Czech Republic

Libušín Town Council
Address: Hálkova 140 -27306 Libušín
Tel.: 312 672 201

Image: Libusinska friends guild history
Text: Libusinska friends guild history, Wikipedia, Libušín Town Council

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