Leno, In the Abbey's shadow

In the Shadow of the Abbey, Frederick Barbarossa in Leno
All'Ombra dell'Abbazia, Federico Barbarossa a Leno
Next edition dates to be announced (this format was last held in 2014, in 2016 the event was focused on the Longobards)
Leno (Brescia, Lombardia region)

The Event

The period between the coronation of Frederick I of Swabia, called Barbarossa, and the decline of the Swabian Empire is full of political and military events, such as the birth of the municipalities and the project of cutting down their autonomy and reaffirm the supremacy of the Empire over the Papacy. It is believed that the rural municipality of Leno was born under the aegis of the monastery, which in the 12-13th centuries became a guarantee of autonomy and protection from the abuses of the feudal lords. In 1185, the legendary Emperor Frederick Barbarossa visited the ancient Benedictine abbey of Leno, to resolve the long dispute between the abbot of the monastery and the bishop of Brescia regarding the jurisdiction of some abbey’s churches.

The event commemorating this visit is held every two years, welcoming Frederick Barbarossa and his court in Leno. Over 150 participants in costume from all over Italy and abroad, gather in the park of Villa Badia, where the glorious monastery once stood, to relive for three days the Middle Ages. During the event, the visitors can experience the history through the fires lit in the historical camps, see archers and men-at-arms displays, learn a lot of new things at the workshops and become themselves the protagonists among common citizens, musicians and amazing jugglers. The visitors can also enjoy the unique experience of living the past through ancient flavours and tastes by joining a historical dinner with dishes made according to medieval recipes.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Event facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/allombradellabbazia/

Location of the event: Parco di Villa Badia, via Marconi 28, Leno (Brescia), Italy

Gruppo Medievale In Illo Tempore
Address: Via Garibaldi, 13, 25024 Leno (Brescia), Italy
Tel.: +39 3341537951 | +39 (0)30 906408 | +39 (0)30 9067940
E-mail: info@inillotempore.it
Web: http://www.inillotempore.it

Fondazione Dominato Leonense
Address: via Marconi 28, 25024 Leno (Brescia), Italy
Tel.: +39 (0)30 9038463
E-mail: info@fondazionedominatoleonense.it
Web: http://www.fondazionedominatoleonense.it
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fondazione.leonense/

Image: Gruppo Medievale In Illo Tempore
Text sources: Gruppo Medievale In Illo Tempore, Fondazione Dominato Leonense, Wikipedia

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