Lejre, Land of Legends

Sagnlandet Lejre
Land of Legends
Lejre (Sjælland region), DENMARK

Lejre, a town located about 13 km west of Roskilde in Sjælland region, in Denmark, is home to the “Land of Legends” (“Sagnlandet Lejre”), a 43 hectare unique and evocative open air museum, a world renowned centre for experimental archaeology and education, as well as a stunningly beautiful place for holidays, which offers the visitors to enjoy an exciting journey through time and space, making 10.000 years of Danish history, from the Prehistory to the Viking Age, come alive. The Land of Legends features a series of reconstructed settlements, buildings and living workshops with costumed craftspeople from different periods. There are houses, cottages and gardens from the Stone, Iron and Viking Age and the 1800s, as well as active craft workshops (on textiles, forging, ceramics etc.). The centrepiece of the venue is represented by an Iron Age village reconstruction, complete with sacrificial bog (200 BC to 200 AD), a Viking market place (900 AD), a Stone Age campsite (5000 BC), an 18th-century farmstead and various grave monuments. The surrounding landscape is an important asset, as well as the animals, including old livestock breeds like the aurochs.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Carlsberg Foundation, the Sagnlandet Lejre was established in 1964 by ethnologist Hans-Ole Hansen as an archaeological research station and experimental centre for historical and archaeological studies in a unique moraine landscape with woodland, lakes, bogs and fields. Today the Sagnlandet Lejre is a private foundation run on a non-profit basis, and is recognised as Danish National cultural historical experimental station and as extra-curriculum education centre, where professionals from different humanistic disciplines and natural sciences from all over the world meet to deepen the knowledge about the ancient people and perform experiments about a variety of subjects and artifacts.

The Land of Legends has become a quite atmospheric and exciting time travel for the whole family. Around 55,000 tourists and school children visit Lejre each year, enjoying a day filled with emotional and sensory experiences, thanks to a wealth of amusing and challenging hands-on activities and events the whole season. The visitors can explore ancient landscapes, houses, gardens, join active workshops (e.g. the pottery, the weaver's workshop, the smithy), interact with Viking and Iron Age characters, Stone Age hunters and craftsmen, and meet as well many animals in the fields and pastures, such as wild boars, sheep, goats, and even the aurochs. The children can enjoy the Båldalen (“Fire Valley”) playground, where they can row the dugouts, the tree-trunk boats, chop firewood, grind their own flour for wheat patties and much more.

Each Summer many families spend a week of their holidays in the Iron Age village, the farm cottages and the Stone Age campsite. They dress in period costume and take on the role of peopling the reconstructed areas, while trying to live using the techniques of the past. Finally the centre offers also place and opportunities for camp schools, meetings and conferences, private arrangements and team-building activities providing specially tailored experiences which can be combined and extended from hours to days.


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Sagnlandet Lejre
Address: Slangealleen 2, 4320Lejre, region Sjælland, Denmark
Tel.: +45 46480878
E-mail: kontakt@sagnlandet.dk
Web: http://www.sagnlandet.dk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sagnlandet-Lejre/189533417755555

Lejre Kommune
Address: Møllebjergvej 4 - 4330 Hvalsø, Denmark
Tel.: +45 4646 4646 | Fax: +45 4646 4615
E-mail: see online form
Web: http://www.lejre.dk/

Image: Sagnlandet Lejre
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