Langeskov, Bytoften Iron Age

Bytoften Oldtidslandskabet
Bytoften Ancient Landscape
Langeskov, Kerteminde (Southern Denmark region), DENMARK


Langeskov is a town located on the island of Funen in syddanmark region, in Denmark and is part of the Kerteminde municipality. Bytoften is an archaelogical area situated in the southern part of Langeskov, which have been populated in more than 2000 years as witnessed by the excavations carried out there and the remains of houses from different ages. In 1979 the archaeologists from Funen museums and from the Odense University found traces of villagers and single farms near Røjrup Bog in Langeskov, while the 1989-1991 excavations confirmed that the site was active from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages.

The first inhabitants of Bytoften believed to have settled already in the Late Bronze Age (3000 years ago). Archaeologists have found also settlements from the Roman Iron Age immediately after the Birth of Christ, and the Viking Age. Some of the artefacts found at Bytoften are on display at Møntergården, the cultural history museum in Odense, part of Odense City Museums, while other items are shown at the Viking Museum at Ladby.

There were two large longhouses from the Viking period at Bytoften. In 1994-95, the foundations of the former houses at Bytoften were marked with poles, and signs were erected showing how the houses may have looked. In addition, the municipality erected a service building at Bytoften, so groups who hold activities there can have access to water, toilets, etc. A Viking longhouse has been reconstructed hand-built by local volunteer carpenters and handcrafters using authentic techniques. Unfortunately the reconstructed Viking Age house at burned down in 2014. And now only the charred timberstructure remains.

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Bytoften Ancient Landscape
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