Kentwell Hall, Tudor Midsummer

Tudor Midsummer at Kentwell
Great Annual Re-Creation of Tudor Life
Kentwell Hall & Gardens, Long Melford (Suffolk county)


a time travel back to Tudor times for an exciting full immersion in the sights, sounds and smells of the 16th century in a charming Tudor manor with about 250 inhabitants of all ages, skills and wealth carrying out a huge variety of daily tasks for one of the most comprehensive and most authentic Tudor experience in England…

Geographical, cultural and historical context

Kentwell Hall is an Historic Tudor House, with gardens and grounds located in Long Melford (Suffolk county), and includes the hall, outbuildings, rare breeds farm and gardens. Most of the current building facade dates from the mid 16th century, but the origins of Kentwell are much earlier, dating back to the 11th century. A truly magical venue for a great family day out thanks also to amazing events throughout the year including Tudor re-enactments, Historical & Children's Magical Weekends, Kentwell's School of Sorcery & Dickensian Christmas.


Event description and programme

Every year in early summer Kentwell Hall invites the public to experience the life of the 16th century during the series of historical re-creations and celebrations called Tudor Days. On several weekends in summer different event take place, dedicated to the traditional feasts, fairs and daily life of a certain year of the Tudor period (1485-1603). Each re-creation is set in a different year of the 120 years of the Tudor period. Kentwell's Tudors react to the outside events of that year as if they were actually taking place then. For Tudor Days the entire historic house and estate are transformed into a 16th century Manor, with hundreds of inhabitants of all ages, skills and wealth carrying out a huge variety of daily tasks.

Kentwell's Great Annual Re-Creation of Tudor Life is the highlight of the whole period of Tudor Days. A whole range of activities of those working on the Manor is re-created in the Gardens, Grounds, Stables and Farm. Various displays and deep immersion into the past make the festival the largest Tudor Re-Creation in England, and perhaps in all the world.

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

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Kentwell Hall, Gardens & Farm
Long Melford village - county of Suffolk, CO10 9BA
Tel.: +44 1787310207 | Fax.: +44 1787379318

Image: Kentwell Hall
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