Kællinghøl, Viking Market

Kællinghøl Viking Market
Kællinghøl Vikingemarked
19,20.08.2017 to be confirmed
Kællinghøl Historic Workshop, Bjerringbro (Central Denmark Region)

The Event

The idyllic marketplace of Kællinghøl lies on a meadow at the forest edge near Gudenåen and has an Iron Age longhouse, shelters and small open workshops. Kællinghøl farm is located near the town of Bjerringbro which is the part of Viborg municipality.

Each year in August the Vikings, traders and artisans arrive at Kællinghøl to relive the market of the past times. There are warrior school for children, an exciting show of Icelandic horses and a fighting show demonstrating Viking fighting techniques. At the market demonstrate their work the blacksmith, the woodcarver, the textile worker, the bow maker and other craftsmen. In the bakery the visitors can get traditional Viking food and beverages, or make their own Viking bread. A Viking Guild on a ship and archery are also to be experienced.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Location: Kællinghøl farm, near town of Bjerringbro, Viborg municipality, Central Denmark Region (Region Midtjylland)

Association/organization name Vikingegruppen Freja
Address of the group: Vikingegruppen Freja, Hjermind Byvej 18, 8850 town of Bjerringbro,
Viborg municipality, Central Denmark Region (Region Midtjylland)
Tel.: +4586683495, +4586667709
Fax: +4586680395
E-mail: info@vikingegruppenfreja.dk
Web: http://vikingegruppenfreja.dk
Web: http://www.erantis.dk/viking/artikler/2006/20050827.htm

Image: Vikingegruppen Freja

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