Jels, Viking Chronicles

The Viking Chronicles in Jels
Vikingespil i Jels
Rødding (Region of Southern Denmark)

The Event

The Viking chronicles in Jels are enacted in Denmark's most beautiful open-air amphitheatre with a view of the Jels lakes. The amphitheatre is situated in Jels parish of the former municipality (now town) of Rødding, on the Jutland peninsula in south Denmark.

In 1977 the first Viking chronicle "Roar and Helge" was staged. It was the first time that the idea of putting on the performance in such beautiful surroundings was realized. Since then the spectacular Viking chronicles are performed every summer providing an exciting and colourful pageant, engaging staged displays and fierce sword fights. During the Viking Chronicles, the Viking Market is held for two days to give the opportunity to meet and talk to the Viking craftsmen, to experience their life, work and art.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

The Boerd Jels Vikingespils
Address: Jels Vikingespil, Jels Møllegade 5, 6630 Rødding, Vejen municipality, Region of Southern Denmark
Tel.: +4574552110
Fax: +4574553277
Facebook page:

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