Jelling, Viking Market

Viking Market at Jelling
Vikingemarkedet ved Højene i Jelling
Jelling (Syddanmark region)


a Viking Market with all the trappings of a Viking heritage festival, from crafts and trade to Viking horse riding shows with swashbuckling Vikings, real Viking Age horses, and a cruise on Fårup Lake in the reconstructed Viking ship Jelling Orm... 

Geographical, cultural and historical context

Jelling, a village located about 10 km northwest of Vejle, in the Southern Denmark region, is the site of a large stone ship and two large burial mounds, the Jelling stones and Jelling Church which are an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994. The Jelling Rune Stones feature the oldest known inscriptions that bear witness to Denmark as a nation.


Event description and programme

Every year in summer, during the first weekend of July, Jelling hosts a great international Viking meeting, the Jelling Viking Market, which has become a regular crowd-puller, not least due to its proximity to the Viking Age Jelling Monuments. The Viking heritage market is located on the lawns between the Jelling Church, the Grave Mounds and the Rune Stones, and the visitor’s centre, Royal Jelling.

The Viking market, one of the most authentic in Denmark, provides the visitors with the chance to experience craft workshops, market stalls, warrior training, horse riding demonstrations with the Icelandic horses, local beers, food and a wide range of inspiring and live-in leisure and educational activities for all ages. There is a Viking themed church service at Jelling Church. All participants are clad in period costumes, while visitors can also enjoy food and drinks at the Viking Long House.

There is also the opportunity to discover more about Jelling, the Vikings, and Harald Bluetooth, the King of Denmark who made the Jelling stones be erected to honour his parents and introduced Christianity to Denmark. The Jelling museum is open throughout the weekend offering guided tours along the open excavations. Meanwhile, children can try to be an archaeologist for a day joining archaeological workshops, while the adults can watch the Viking Moot in session where conflicts and skirmishes are resolved through debate. Finally, the visitors have also the opportunity to discover the heritage of the ancient Viking ship sailing once to England, by enjoying the cruises offered along the Fårup Lake in the reconstructed Viking ship, Jelling Orm.

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Foreningen Vikingemarked ved Højene
Address: 7300 Jelling, Denmark
Facebook page:øjene-1115486545169607/

Jelling Town Council and Tourist Office
Address: Skolegade 1 7100 Vejle, Denmark
Tel.: +45 76810000

Viking ship Jelling Orm i Fårup

Image: Foreningen Vikingemarked ved Højene
Text sources: Foreningen Vikingemarked ved Højene, Wikipedia, Jelling Town Council 


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