Izborsk, Iron Castle

Iron Castle Festival
Железный Град
Izborsk village (Pskov region)

The Event

Izborsk is a village in Pskov region of Russia, 20 km to the west of Pskov and just to the east of the Estonian border. The rich history of the village is represented by several archaeological areas and above all by one of the most important and imposing fortresses of Western Russia.

The Iron City festival, recalling by its name the past might and resistance of the ancient Izborsk, attracts annually more than 1000 reenactors from Russia, Ukraine, Poland and other European countries. The late Middle Ages are represented at the festival through the activities and workshops at the medieval market, games, concerts and entertainment of the period, historical parade, battles displays, tournaments of knights and archers, horses shows and a reconstruction of the field battle.

The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Association/organization name: State Committee on culture of Pskov region; museum-reserve “Izborsk”; association "GrandCompania"; "Tula youth club of historical reenactment and fencing”
Address: Izborsk village, Pechorsky district, Pskov region, Russia
Tel.: +7 9109443754
Fax: +7 8112699888
E-mail: culture-tur@obladmin.pskov.ru
Web: http://www.museum-izborsk.ru

Images: Museum-reserve Izborsk


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