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Welcome to the "Info & Contact" section on Historia Vivens Web! Here you will find out more about how our website works, how we protect your privacy, how you can exchange banners and links with us, who we are, what our goals are, and the different ways you can eventually contact us also to report an event or a group.

Please devote some time to carefully read this page which hosts important terms and guidelines for its use. Your browsing and using of this website is subject to the full acceptance of the Terms of Use statement, the web disclaimer, the copyright notice, as well as of the specific rules and conditions related to the personal data protection and cookies practices (the "Privacy and Cookies Policy"). All together these documents govern the use of this website, and all the contents, features or services provided and in any way made available on or through it.

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Privacy & Cookies Policy

This information will clear how we handle your data and how we eventually use cookies on this website. Updates in compliance with the EU e-Privacy and GDPR.


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Terms of Use

This document, together with any additional documents referred to in it, tells you the terms on which you may make use of our website. By using our website, you indicate that you accept such terms of use and that you agree to abide by them.


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Contact us

Here you can find a list of ways to contact us anytime you need to communicate with us about any subjects concerning this website and its contents... 

Banner and Link Exchange Page

If you would like to post our banner/link on your own website/blog, please visit the Banner Exchange page and choose one of the relevant html-codes made available there to insert on the webpages you manage.


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Events Reporting

We provide the European Living History & Reenactment community and the organizers of historical events with an effective way to promote their events worldwide...

Groups & Associations Reporting

We offer an extensive database of European Reenactors and Living Historians! Here you can find how to report an historical group not listed yet in our database, as well as artists and artisans active in the Living History field...

Dedication and Patronage

Whom we dedicate our website and our work, and whom we place ourselves under the protection of...


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About Us...

About the Historia Vivens project and team: what it is we do and who are the people who make that possible...



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Credits & Navigation

Images: the featured image and the logo are copyright and trademark of Historia Vivens Web. All other images are public domain. 



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