Hova, Medieval Week

Hova Riddarvecka
Hova (Västra Götaland county)

The Event

Hova is a locality and one of the two seats of Gullspång Municipality, about 20 km from Töreboda and 30 km from Mariestad. Each July the Hova town centre is magically brought back in time to the medieval days. Animated by the knights in shining armour, skilled artisans, witty jesters and merry musicians, the village invites the visitors of all ages to join the great celebration of the past and feel themselves a part of the history. In order to fit into the atmosphere also local citizens and many visitors dress up in medieval clothing.

The market offers a great variety of medieval goods, like jewellery, caramelized almonds or peanuts, bread, clothes. Special programs are provided for children, involving them into the world of history, and in the evening the place is lit by wonderful concerts and shows.



The Programme

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Föreningen Hova Riddarvecka
Address: Turistbyrån Riddarborgen, Örebrovägen, 54832 Hova, Gullspång Municipality, Västra Götaland County
Tel.: +4650630120
E-mail: info@riddarveckan.com
Web: http://www.riddarveckan.com

Images: http://www.riddarveckan.com


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