Horsens, Medieval Festival

The European Medieval Festival at Horsens
Europæisk Middelalder Festival, Horsens
Horsens (Central Jutland region)


the Middle Ages relive every August within the walls at FÆNGSLET, when traders, craftsmen, musicians, buskers, knights and other good men head towards the town castle, in order to participate in the annual medieval market and see the tempting stalls, musicians, street performers, and grand jousting tournaments...


Event description and programme

Every year during the last weekend of August, the streets of Horsens, located in east Jutland, resound with the bustle of the market, jolly cheers from street performers and the fascinating sounds of the shows, as the city opens its gates to the European Medieval Festival. The Festival represents all aspects of medieval society – arts, crafts, music and everyday customs. The event encompasses the time period from 1350 to 1536 AD, with cultural focus on northern Europe.

Central Horsens is transformed at nightfall, as thousands of candles, oil lamps and bonfires light up the medieval town. Lamp posts, bicycle stands and telephone booths are disguised in wood, and the market place is abuzz with activities both night and day. The illusion is perfected by 5000 performers dressed as noblemen and ladies, beggars, virgins, knights, fortune tellers, monks, craftsmen and traders. Knights raise their lances in real jousting tournaments in the arena, vendors offer medieval goods in market stalls, and in the streets pilgrims, whores and indulgence-sellers offer their counsel and services. Sparks fly as the blacksmith hardens the edge of a new sword. In the camp, a squire polishes his knight’s armour while mercenaries train for battle in the combat arena.

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Info & Contact

Europæisk Middelalder Festival
Address: Rådhustorvet 4, DK-8700 Horsens, Central Jutland Region, Denmark
Tel.: +45 76292310 - 20801347

Image: Europæisk Middelalder Festival
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