Höllviken, Fotevikens Museum

Fotevikens Museum
Foteviken Viking Reserve
Höllviken, Malmö (Skåne county), SWEDEN

The cultural heritage of the Viking Age is indeed present in the landscape surrounding the Archaeological Open-Air Museum of Foteviken at Höllviken, about 25 km south of Malmö, in Sweden. This area was once of great importance for the Danish kings as it was part of the Danish Kingdom until 1658 and for many hundred years also the setting of the Dano-Swedish wars.

Foteviken Museum is an archaeological open-air museum that conveys how life might have been in a town during the late Viking Age and early Middle Ages. Inside a city wall open toward the sea, the visitors will experience the world’s only attempt to recreate an entire Viking Age town showing a number of streets with 23 houses and homesteads, that reflect daily life in 1134 AD. There is also a reconstructed Viking ship based on an archaeological find made in the Bay of Foteviken. The Viking Reserve of Foteviken is a unique institution. There researchers, antiquarians and Viking re-enactors are working together, developing and establishing a settlement from the late Viking Age and early Middle Ages. The Museum of Foteviken owns some 70.000 square metres of meadowland at The Bay of Hoellviken. Most of this area is a plateau. This land is divided into different areas of activities - from the Viking Town to research area, from the handicraft workshops and warehouses to exhibitions.

The museum is also involved in research focusing on historical, land and marine archaeological issues. Since 1995 the museum works in three spheres: the history of Scania, and especially the history of the maritime cultural landscape and heritage of Scania; the creation of a Viking Age/Early medieval village aimed to bring history back to life; spreading knowledge and information through the use of digital IT-technologies. Aside from Foteviken Museum the concept Kulturcenter includes Höllvikens community centre, Foteviken holiday village, Arrangemangsbolaget and the Handicraft Institute of Scania (http://www.kulturcenter.se/).

The Viking Town of Foteviken is open to the public from the late spring, summer till the early autumn. It has become a well-known meeting place for international historical re-enactors with the Viking Age as their speciality. The week following Midsummer the museum arranges the annual Foteviken Viking Week and Market, an international fair that draws hundreds of merchants, craftsmen and viking warriors as well as thousands of visitors from all over Europe (to find out more about the event please visit our dedicated page, click here).

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Fotevikens Museum
Address: Museivägen 24, S-236 91 Höllviken, Vellinge Municipality, County Skåne, Sweden
Tel.: +46 40330800 | Fax: +46 40330819
E-mail: info@foteviken.se, museum@foteviken.se
Web: http://www.fotevikensmuseum.se
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fotevikensmuseum/timeline

Image: Fotevikens Museum
Text sources: Fotevikens Museum, Wikipedia


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