Hobro, Viking Market

Viking Market in Hobro
Vikingemarked i Hobro
Hobro (Nordjylland region)


an exciting time-travel and full-immersive Viking experience exploring a colourful market where to find authentic Viking handicrafts like drinking horns, knives, swords, jewellery, toys, fur, trying ancient archery, rowing a genuine replica Viking ship, enjoying a ride on an Icelandic horse, tasting the Viking cuisine, while a rich programme of initiatives awaits for the children, including fighting school and storytelling... 


Geographical, cultural and historical context

Hobro, the town of the Mariagerfjord municipality, is located on the Jutland peninsula in northern Denmark and is known as a significant point on the Vikings' maps because of the near Fyrkat ring-fortress and Viking Centre, which consists partly of the ring fort itself, originally built in 980, with the reconstructed longhouse in oak and partly the Viking yard app. 1 km away with 9 houses, that have been reconstructed on the basis of a "manor" dug out by Vorbasse and provide the setting for various activities for the audience during the summer season. To find out more about the Viking Centre please visit our dedicated page, click here: Fyrkat Vikinge Center.


Event description and programme

The great Viking Market usually took place near the town, along the marina, on the northern side of Mariager Fjord. Sildehagen is a glade vegetation right down to the beach where the territory is protected, yet open to the sea. This makes possible for the Viking ships from other countries to arrive at the market. The tradition of the Viking Market has been revived in Hobro since 2003, held every August. The visitors have a charming opportunity to discover the Viking Age in a very interactive way by meeting Viking warriors, craftsmen and merchants, minstrels and storytellers, and experiencing first-hand many activities for adults and children. There are also combat training and battle reenactment, Icelandic horses rides, falconry shows and poetry, and much more.

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Viking Market in Hobro
Address: Sildehagen, Lystbådehavnen, Nedre Strandvej 75, 9500 Hobro, North Denmark Region, Denmark
E-mail: knudbrix@mail.dk
Web: http://www.vikingemarkedihobro.com/
Web: http://www.vikingmagasin.dk/events/hobro-vikingemarked.htm
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vikingemarked

Fyrkat Vikinge Center
Address: Vikingecenter Fyrkat, Fyrkatvej 37 B, 9500 Hobro, region Nordjylland, Denmark
Postal address: Hobro Museum, Vestergade 23, 9500 Hobro, region Nordjylland
Tel.: +45 99824175 - 31990667
E-mail: vikingecenterfyrkat@mail.dk
Web: http://www.fyrkat.dk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fyrkat

Nordjyllands Historiske Museum
Address: Algade 48, 9000 Aalborg, Denmark
Tel.: +45 99317400
E-mail: historiskmuseum@aalborg.dk
Web: http://nordmus.dk/vikingecenter-fyrkat-gb

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