Hobro, Fyrkat Viking Centre

Vikingecenter Fyrkat
Fyrkat Viking Centre
Hobro (North Denmark region), DENMARK

Hobro, a town of the Mariagerfjord municipality located on the Jutland peninsula, in northern Denmark, is known as a significant point on the Vikings' maps because of the nearby Viking Age ring-fortress of Fyrkat. The site is strategically located in a safe bay inside a fjord on the banks of a waterway that facilitated trade.

The Viking Centre Fyrkat consists partly of a ring fort, originally built in 980 AD, with the reconstructed longhouse in oak and partly the Viking yard about 1 km away with 9 houses, that have been reconstructed on the basis of a "manor" dug out by Vorbasse and provide the setting for various activities for the audience during the summer season. The idea was to not only show the life of the king’s army but as well the life of farmers in those days. However, the Viking Village was not inhabited by simple farmers, it was one of the largest chieftains’ farms which are documented of that period (980 AD, just like the fortress).

The Viking Centre includes as well a museum shop and a visitor centre, where it is possible to try on the Viking costumes. In 2011 a new mythological playground was opened on the territory of the centre, where the visitors find themselves among the Nordic gods, can hear the myths told in the hut, sit in Odin's chair, or ride on Odin's eight legged horse Sleipnir, and simply enjoy various exciting live-in activities. There is a Fyrkat theatre which stages Viking games throughout the year. Goal of the Vikingecenter Fyrkat is to share experience and knowledge with its visitors about the Viking Age by means of all senses. All staff is dressed in Viking Age dresses and the fire is always lit in the Village for the guests! Every year in Summer the Fyrkat Viking Center is home to the Viking Market, one of the most famous living history events in Denmark. To find out more about the event please visit our dedicated page, click here.


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Fyrkat Vikinge Center
Address: Vikingecenter Fyrkat, Fyrkatvej 37 B, 9500 Hobro, region Nordjylland, Denmark
Postal address: Hobro Museum, Vestergade 23, 9500 Hobro, region Nordjylland, Denmark
Tel.: +45 99824175, +45 31990667
E-mail: vikingecenterfyrkat@mail.dk
Web: http://www.fyrkat.dk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fyrkat

Nordjyllands Historiske Museum
Address: Algade 48, 9000 Aalborg, Denmark
Tel.: +45 99 31 74 00
E-mail: historiskmuseum@aalborg.dk
Web: http://nordmus.dk/vikingecenter-fyrkat-gb

Images: Fyrkat Vikinge Center, Malene Thyssen, Den Store Danske.
Text source: Fyrkat Vikinge Center, EXARC, Wikipedia, Nordjyllands Historiske Museum, Den Store Danske.


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Image: Ducan Foto Hobro. Source: http://www.denstoredanske.dk/

Image: copyright Malene Thyssen


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