Hita, Fiesta Medieval

Hita Medieval Theatre Festival
Festival de Teatro Medieval de Hita
Hita, Guadalajara (Castilla-La Mancha aut. community)


Along with representations of medieval plays there are also parades and popular dances, medieval lunch and dinners, tournaments and running of the bulls and a scenic display of Medieval themes at dusk to make the Middle Ages relive in all thier majesty and charm...

Geographical, cultural and historical context

Hita, a town located about 30 km from Guadalajara, in Spain, is known for its Medieval Theatre Festival and for the Archpriest of Hita, the illustrious author of "The Book of Good Love", one of the main works in Spanish literature. Hita preserves its historic centre with medieval elements, declared a Historical Site in 1965. Under Muslim rule, a fortress was established on the summit of the hill, with the town on its slope. There are only archaeological remains of the old castle of Hita. From 1368 until the end of the 16th century Hita was under the domain of the Mendoza lords who decided to reinforce the village defensive structures and the castle on the top of the hill. Many sections of the walled area are still intact and can be discovered during guided tours through the historical centre of the city. Half a kilometre of the ramparts that the Marquis of Santillana ordered to be built still remain. Throughout the 13th century, a significant Jewish quarter was established. In addition to its historic heritage, Hita offers visitors other attractions such as the possibility of hiking in the town’s surroundings.


Event description and programme

The Hita Medieval Theatre Festival, held since 1961, is one of the most important festivals in Spain, being ranked of National Tourist Interest. As the title suggests, the main event of the Festival is the theatre performance, which takes place in the Plaza Mayor by night and is based on medieval themes and scenery. Besides the theatre, generally the medieval life is represented at the festival: the visitors can enjoy the large market, medieval games, themed exhibitions, crafts workshops organized by the local Craft School of Folklore, archery competitions and other shows and activities, as well as traditional music and medieval cuisine. The city is filled with jugglers, jokers, knights, witches, poets, acrobats, all in their historical costumes. The spectacular Medieval Tournament is held as well, where brave knights can display their skills with lances in jousting.

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Info & Contact

Hita Town Council / Ayuntamiento de Hita
Address: c Pósito, 5 - 19248 Hita, Spain
Tel.: +34 949 852749
E-mail: ayuntamiento@hita.es
Web: www.hita.es/web/

Hita Tourist Office
Address: c San Pedro, 6 - 19248 Hita, Spain
Tel.: +34 949 852763
E-mail: turismo@hita.es

Castilla La Mancha tourism portal
Address: Avda/ Irlanda, 14, Toledo, Spain
Tel.: +34 925 267996
Web: http://www.turismocastillalamancha.com/arte-cultura/fiestas/hita/festival-medieval-de-hita/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TurismoCLM

Image: Hita Town Council
Text sources: Hita Town Council, Wikipedia, Travelling with kids, astilla La Mancha tourism portal


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