Hesperange, Hasmaringa Marca

Medieval Festival of Hesperange
Fête médiévale de Hesperange

Geographical, cultural and historical context

The locality of Hesperange, situated in southern Luxembourg, was first mentioned in 867-868 AD by the name of “Hasmaringa Marca” and owned by the abbey of Echternach. One of the main attractions of the town is the Castle, located high above the town of Hesperange, and now ruined. The castle probably dates from the early 13th century when the Counts of Luxembourg gave Hesperange to the Lords of Rodenmacher who sided with the French when the Burgundians conquered Luxembourg in 1443. Maximilian I of Austria (1459-1519 AD), Holy Roman Emperor, dismantled the castle in 1480 and 1482 after battles with Gerard of Rodenmacher.


Event description and programme

Hesperange relives its past each year, through the Medieval Festival and Market, offering to the visitors of all ages various activities and displays demonstrating the life and trade of the Middle Ages. The blacksmiths, wood carvers, stone cutters and other artisans invite the public to watch their work and try themselves in ancient crafts. In the medieval camp the visitors meet the knights and experience their daily life and military activities, while along the paths of the town storytellers and street artists provide entertainment as it was many years ago.

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Info & Contact

Fête médiévale de Hesperange Comité d'organisation
E-mail: hasmaringamarca.hesper@gmail.com
Web: https://www.hasmaringamarca.eu

Hesperange Town Council / Administration Communale de Hesperange
Address: 474, route de Thionville, L - 5886 Hesperange, Luxembourg
Tel.: +35360808 - 1 | Fax: +35360808 - 237
Web: http://www.hesperange.lu

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