Herefordshire, Mortimers Cross

The Battle of Mortimer's Cross, AD 1461
Croft Castle, Yarpole (Herefordshire county)

A Living History weekend full of the thrill of battles, archery, swordfighting and gunpowder, but also many interactive leisure and educational activities for all ages in a family friendly and inspiring heritage site to bring back to life one of the most significant battles of the Wars of the Roses in Medieval England...


The Event

The Battle of Mortimer's Cross was fought on February 2, 1461 AD, near Wigmore, Herefordshire (between Leominster and Leintwardine), not far from the Welsh border. The Battle was part of the Wars of the Roses, a series of dynastic war fought in several sporadic episodes between 1455 and 1487 by the houses of Lancaster and York for the throne of England. The victory of the Yorkists in this battle paved the way for the crowning of their leader, Edward Mortimer, as Edward IV later in the year. Sir Richard Croft, a local lord and Yorkist, led his soldiers alongside Edward Mortimer travelling from Croft Castle to the nearby battle site of Mortimer's Cross, which was then part of the Croft estate.

To let the history live again and to remember the events that has shaped the country, every year a reenactment of the Battle of Mortimer’s Cross is held in Herefordshire. The grounds of Croft Castle a National Trust property consisting of a castle, a church and a garden located at Yarpole near Leominster (Herefordshire county) hosts the historical event which offers both a fun day out for the family and a great learning experience. The visitors can visit the Yorkist and Lancastrian camps in situ, where to experience the civilian and military daily life with historical crafts and trade, period cooking and costume, weaponry, medieval dancing and music displays, follow the military training and manoeuvres, and of course experience the thrill of the battle itself featuring knights in full armour, men at arms, soldiers, gunners and archers in action, all in a safe and friendly environment. The rich programme includes as well living history displays and workshops, refreshments and a wealth of leisure and educational activities for all ages.

The Programme

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Location: Croft Castle, Yarpole, near the town of Leominster

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Text sources: National Trust, Mortimer History Society, Wikipedia

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