Hennebont, Medieval Festival

Medieval Festival of Hennebont
Les Médiévales d'Hennebont
Hennebont (Brittany region)

Geographical, cultural and historical context

Hennebont is situated in Brittany, in north-western France, about 16 km from the mouth of the River Blavet, which divides the town into two parts: the Ville Close, the medieval walled town, and the 17th century Ville Neuve. The old walled town still has traces of its medieval ramparts dating from the 13-15th centuries and a large fortified gatehouse, known as the Porte du Broërec.


Event description and programme

For two days, this suggestive location turns into a genuine medieval town. The Medieval Festival, attracting more than 40,000 visitors yearly, recreates the sounds and tastes of the Middle Ages through various animations and shows held by professional reenactors and a medieval market with the craftsmen involved in their activities.

Please contact the Organizers for confirmation and further details.

Info & Contact

Les Medievales Hennebont
Address: Maison des associations, Rue Abbé Pierre, 56700 Hennebont, France
Tel.: +33 06 24 98 58 50
E-mail: contact@medievales-hennebont.com
Web: http://medievales-hennebont.com/

Hennebont Town Council / Mairie d'Hennebont
Address: 13 place Maréchal Foch - CS 80130 - 56704 Hennebont, France
Tel.: +33 02 97851616
Event webpage: http://www.ville-hennebont.fr/Les-Medievales.5512.0.html
Web: http://www.ville-hennebont.fr/

Images: Les Medievales Hennebont
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