Helsinki, Pukkisaari Iron Age

Pukkisaaren Rautakautinen Kauppakylä
Pukkisaari Iron Age Trading Place and Village
Pukkisaari island - Helsinki (Uusimaa region), FINLAND

The Pukkisaari Iron-Age Trading Place and Village is a reconstructed trading place from the latter Iron Age, located on the small island Pukkisaari (Goat’s Island), near the Seurasaari island with its famous open-air museum, in Helsinki, the capital and largest city of Finland, in the region of Uusimaa, in southern Finland, on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, an arm of the Baltic Sea.

The reconstruction of a trading place from the latter Iron Age is a special and still ongoing project, which started in year 1998 in order to explore life and cultural landscape more than one thousand years ago, to relive almost extinct age-old traditions and to practice experimental archaeology. Trading places have usually situated in islands, and often they had no buildings at all, but on the other hand the livelier trading places had buildings used as storage, cooking and temporary housing. A trading place is suitable for Pukkisaari Island also in the regard that crafting is in a central role in the society’s activities.

The village is open for guided tours on request and there are two big yearly events: Hiiden Hirven Hiihto, an ancient biathlon competition held on the Sunday preceding Shrove Tuesday (please click here to access our dedicated page), and the Iron Age Market, held on the first full weekend of September (to find out more information please visit our dedicated page, click here).

The place is maintained by the Sommelo Association with the aim of furthering the knowledge and research of the Finnish Prehistoric time, especially concerning the later Iron Age (550-1150/1300). The Pukkisaari Iron-Age Trading Place buildings can be visited on the last weekends of every month. Other opening times and tours are available on request.

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Location: Läntinen Pukkisaari-island, next to Seurasaari

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Helsinki City Council and Tourism portal
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Tel: +358 09 310 1691
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