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"The Last Relicuin"


A pretty beautiful and enjoyable novel with remarkable depth and width in plot and characters, “The Last Relicuin” bears a very original idea, being the first full-length work of fiction to focus on the world of living museums. “The Last Relicuin” is a mystery that takes readers through living museums in three centuries (12th, 18th and 20th centuries), with about one quarter of the story taking place in a museum in 12 century Normandy, France. The book also visits a “Federal Museum Academy”, where curators train to manage living museums.

The story features fascinating and credible characters, well structured dialogues, a pleasant narrative, and provides a fast paced reading, as well as enough suspense to keep its hold on the readers all the way through to the end. No doubt “The Last Relicuin” is a real page-turner and has the potentiality to become a real bestseller and maybe also to inspire a movie production. Last but not least we believe it has the power to raise the profile and promote both the living history and the living museums by introducing more readers to the idea.

“The Last Relicuin” brings together in an harmonious, subtle and well-balanced way history and future, secrets and truths, love and hate. Besides it perfectly mirrors our own actual reality and the human search for answers, with some people looking to the past, while some other else just looking to the present and/or future to find those answers, but with both "sides" not really understanding each other, and not really willing to learn either.



In the 22nd century, twelve percent of the world's population chooses history. Safe inside the guarded borders of living museums, museum dwellers resist attempts by Metro leaders to seize their lands and force them back to the cities.

The scenario is based in the sci-fi future, where the human society lives in a sterile, climate controlled, glass world due to fears of sickness and epidemic. The majority of the population lives here in the "mainstream", in glass covered clean cities and does almost everything online or through virtual 3D. They have almost no personal contact with other people. They use high tech modifications to always look young and pristine. They are also called the "Glassers” (those that live within protected domed and synthetic cities).

On the contrary there are numerous living history museums, where people live in a more a natural world and completely like the times of that museum (1950's American, 12th century feudal France, etc.). They are called the “Dwellers” (people preferring to live in the strictly enforced outdoor museums represented by specific historical times).

Finally there are the "Readers" who are an underground (literally live under the cities) tribe of people who have rejected and abandoned the mainstream and collect book or magazines and read most of the day (very reminiscent of Fahrenheit 451).

The “Relicuins” are museum dwellers that are born and live their whole lives in museums not knowing about the mainstream, and they are believed to be extinct.

Anyone may make the adult decision to live their own life but to change sides can be akin to declaring war on your own family. And so, when Alexander Kane (son of a powerful Metro Senator) leaves the protection of the Cities to enter the Federal Museum Academy, he and his son Tom Kane becomes the target of a growing political struggle. Crossing borders into the 12th, 18th, and 20th centuries, The Last Relicuin unravels a mystery following three generations of a family torn between history and the future.


Book details

Title: The Last Relicuin

Author: Hargus Montgomery

Language: English

Binding: Paperback

Page Count: 524

Publisher: Kerious Pye Series LLC

Publication date: September 2013


Book reviews

“This is a terrific and enjoyable book; it has depth and width in plot and characterisation. Even though it’s based in the sci-fi future it has all the hallmarks' of a Victorian melodrama, crime thriller, western and adventure novel. The sophisticated plot and narrative is vernacular concise in keeping the reader in a world with recognisable markers and then not the familiar, with a strange alternative space that kept me engaged with all the protagonists and narration line by line.”

“There are no superfluous or decorative descriptions attached to the narration as it all fits like a glove. The characters and dialogue are very credible with all the wholesomeness’ of apple pie, echoed in the pace of the narration as good as an old fashioned classic film e.g. Chisum, true grit, etc. Read the book before the movie arrives. Hope it's made by a french film director like Luc Besson as Hollywood would just turn it into a shallow action sci-fi film.”

“This book is really fast paced. It started off at a seemingly normal pace, but then seemed to jump around a lot to different characters and seemed to rush some parts unnecessarily which could be confusing sometimes. Apart from that, I thought it was a lot of fun to read. The characters were realistic and the story was fun, especially the jumping into different time periods through the Museums. I can picture this easily becoming a movie.”

“This novel was absolutely amazing! I love reading and I love history and this novel not only brought both things together, but also added futuristic situations! I just can't believe all the crazy twist and turns with the characters and their blood lines! I had a feeling about the main characters Alex Kane and his son Tom Kane. Even though one of them dies the story continues and makes more sense than you would think.” 

Goodreads reviews (https://www.goodreads.com)

The Seventeenth Pocket


The Seventeenth Pocket is the first of the "Kerious Pye" novels, written by Hargus Montgomery. Combining reality, fantasy, and science fiction, the series travels between reality and fantasy recounting the expeditions of an ancient order of explorers led by Kerious Pye.

The first book, "The Seventeenth Pocket", follows worldly explorer Arden McGivven, an old voyager with a gentle and straight forward attitude, who is also a member of an ancient and honorable Order of Explorers living with us throughout history.



Arden McGivven is from the other side on expedition to the earth world. His safety and that of the entire world are endangered when doctors and scientists discover his ability to communicate with the other side, with the dearly departed. One terminally ill girl is the only hope for a world that is about to blow itself up.

And in fact Arden receives unexpected world attention when he encounters and help the gravely ill, fourteen-year-old Meagan Carlson. The old voyager confides in Megan, and, while offering comfort, reveals her secrets about her past and future about, including her real name, and also the Order's secrets. When investigators search McGivven's past, they uncover mysteries reaching far beyond this world that only Megan can solve...

As the series continues, more secretive explorers reveal themselves to confront a threat to their home and this world. Forced to escape, readers are shown the way to places they thought existed only in the imagination. Who are these ancient expeditionaries? Why are they here? How do they know our past and our real names? A search for answers begins in The Seventeenth Pocket... 

Hargus Montgomery nother great story with a very original plot, unique sceneries, rich narration, beautifully defined characters with detailed and elaborate personalities, and an exciting breathtaking reading until the very last page.


Book Details

Title: The Seventeenth Pocket

Author: Hargus Montgomery

Language: English

Binding: Paperback

Page Count: 456

Publisher: Keriouspyeseries LLC (April 9, 2011)

Publication date: December 23, 2010


Book Reviews

“A beautifully written, poetic story about life after death, and how the negativity of our world could truly be the end for us all.”

“An original way of looking at the world, life, death and travel. An excellent book for readers of every age. Hargus Montgomery's character of Arden is beautiful mix of innocence, compassion and humor.”

“This was a fantastic read! The plot was well-written and easy to follow. Essentially humanity is trying to find a "code" which would unlock or allow someone access to the afterlife..or at least let them communicate with the dead. The global community is desperate to find these answers, and the story weaves through several characters who are on different sides of this quest. The answer, however, could end everything. Without putting a lot of spoilers in, I'll just say that the book was thought provoking and entertaining. I couldn't put it down! Hopefully we won't have to wait long for the next book in the series!”

"This book was incredible - really unique. It poses all of these possibilities that somehow even though I've never thought of, make perfect sense when the author puts them into words. This book asks : "what if 'crossing over' was really 'crossing BACK over'? And the answer is not only interesting, but entertaining and emotionally engaging." 

Goodreads reviews (https://www.goodreads.com)

about the Author

Hargus Montgomery is the partial pen name of the American novelist Mark Pedriani, a former attorney and expatriate in France. Mark now lives in Wisconsin (USA), and is a full time writer, a traveller, an avid outdoorsman, and much fond of saying: "The best writing advice I ever received is to shut up and listen". He is the author of "The Last Relicuin" and "The Seventeenth Pocket", the first novel of the Kerious Pye (TM) series.

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